Thursday, 29 April 2010

Sirtuin - The Fountain of Youth?

Seven years ago scientists were still hypothesising about the life-extending abilities of a group of enzymes called sirtuins. Present in almost all living cells, these enzymes (in a nutshell) control whether your cell decides to A) commit suicide, or B) take a deep breath, repair its DNA, and go on living a fuller and happier life. Cells that live longer are clearly going to make skin look younger, and the powers that be immediately began to work on unlocking sirtuin's age defying secrets. Fast forward several years and those geniuses at REN Skincare seem to have done it again. By activating these sirtuin enzymes with an extract found in rice, they are able to keep them happy and super-productive - in turn, meaning you get to keep the beautiful skin you’ve got for longer. Throw in a powerful line eraser (a patented hexapeptide-11), a hydrating miracle molecule (hyaluronic acid) and an awesomely high level of skin brightening vitamin C, and you have a tag team that packs a pretty powerful punch. After only three weeks my skin is better hydrated, much brighter, and I've noticed that frown lines are definitely less visible. Active, clean skincare that delivers? A new staple in this editor's bathroom!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child

Tamra Davis met Jean-Michel Basquiat when he was only 21 years old, and she says he "definitely looked different." It was not far to long before the both started to bond over filmmaking, going out to movies and making there own reviews. Davis at that time was just a gallery assistant and was attending film school and pretty soon started filming him, and then Jean-Michel asked her if she could make a film about him.

Throughout the mid-80's Tamra filmed the artist in the studio painting, she recalls "Every time I was with him-and anybody will tell you this-he was always was working. He would be drawing at the restaurant; he would be painting."

Then in 1988 news broke out that Jean-Michel Basquiat passed away. And, Tamra Davis feeling bad and in mourning felt uncomfortable to do anything with the footage, and put it away and forgot about it. But in 2005, with the help of friends she returned to the 80's footage to make a 20 minute tribute. When the late artists friends and fans saw it they all flipped out! So Davis developed the short into a feature-length documentary with Arthouse Films, Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child.

The film just had its New York premiere at Moma during the Tribeca Film Festival. Injecting passion for the late artists legendary charisma. Which was propelled into culture during the late 70's, making everyone wanting a piece of him.

To see a trailer of the documentary visit this link.

Jean-Michel Basquiat was a Cult-Figure, inspiring us then and now.

Monday, 26 April 2010

The Oyster Card Wallet

It has happen to us and to you. Waiting for the bus only to be turned away, walking to the tube gates only to have everyone held up.

London based creative team David Bruno and Tom Seymour have invented this neat little concept for London commuters.

"With the Oyster Card Wallet you’ll know how much credit you have on your card at all times, at a glance. It’s a simple idea that will help the underground work a little more efficiently."
The duo have been in talks with TfL and want to go back with a petition of support to make this idea happen. So if you like it, and want one one day, please help their cause by clicking 'like' on this link .

Visit David's and Tom's website to know more about there creative projects.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Tobias Wistisen Images

Examples of Wistisen's unarming talent for avant garde jewellery that are eloquently on trend.

Moutoncollet's Images.

Brand New Collection from Moutoncollet will be available in Liberty's in due course. Personally, can't wait.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Alexander McQueen AW'10 Menswear Preview

7th Man Magazine was invited yesterday to preview the AW'10 Menswear collection by the late Alexander McQueen.

The AW'10 collection is his best yet in McQueen's history of Menswear - combining structural, sharp tailoring and shapes with beautiful textured knits. What was wonderful to see was how Lee had carried across his experiments and developments in fabric technology, prints and patterns (which he perfected so beautifully in his two most recent Womenswear collections) into the realm of Menswear.

The story of this AW'10 collection begins with the melting of the polar ice-caps, and its impact on the immediate environment and life that surrounds them, namely the fishermen and the polar bears and how they would cope in these harsh circumstances.

These themes manifest in magnificent ways through the use of fabric technology and prints: a dark fur print used on super soft brushed fabrics were made into tailored coats and hooded jackets trimmed in real fur, summon up images of menacing (Black?) polar bears; ice crack patterns were woven into metal jacquard jackets and trousers that look like crackling lightning on a thunderstorm night; oversized water droplet featured on coats and suits.

Balancing out these darker themes were beautiful pieces in a palette of soft greys: oversized cable knit patterns were printed on shirts and soft wool coats; large chainmail prints featured on leather pieces and on jersey polo necks (with intricate silver work in a Celtic theme embroidered on top at the shoulders - most impressive); the oversized cable knit patterns also transform itself into prints of regal crests and military braiding, suggesting the idea of armor and protection against the harsh elements of this story.

These fantastical patterns and effects are carried out through to all the accessories - from bags to wallets to gloves to belts and shoes.
From a distance, what looked like a worn/distressed effect on a pair of boots turn out, on closer inspection, to be a complicated pattern of skulls.

Among the many treasures within this collection were worn-out brogues and boots with a fully masted ship intricately and beautifully etched into the leather at the toes.

A beautifully crafted collection of romance and menace - the Perfect McQueen combination.
(Thank You to Myriam and Alistair who took me through the whole collection in such depth and detail!!)

The AW10 McQueen Womenswear was also featured at the Press Day, and 7th Man Magazine had to share some images with you.
Dresses suitable for a Byzantine Goddess were created out of the softest and shiniest silk in statuesque prints with complicated beadwork.

Sculptural dresses were made in black, blood red and printed silk satin and damasks with gold embroidery.

The intricately crafted accessories were reminiscent of regal relics from the Byzantine period.

Lacoste Summer Wear

Lacoste - the sports heritage - and now established fashion brand, pride themselves on being the first fashion company on identifying themselves with a visible logo.

Their crocodile emblem is internationally recognised and ubiquitous with the collections.

For the warmer months [which have turned up fashionably early this year] Lacoste have put together something a little special for their 'red' collection: with the use of pop art brights they have regenerised the polo shirt for 2010.

To go with the fantastic palette is a new 100% knitted polo which contradicts the more sporty polo's for which they are renowned, this sumptuosly soft shirt is available in a range of 'sunrise' colours - featuring graduated shades of dove grey, navy blue, strawberry and carrot.. tantalising if not tasty!

Lacoste are also supporting the 'Save your logo campaign' , as part of this campaign on May 22nd The International Day of Biodiversity will be celebrated with lacoste announcing a new initiative for the conservation and preservation of the crocodile, the animal they turned into a fashion heritage symbol!

Visit for more information on Lacostes involvement.

Visit Lacostes website for some supporting imagery:

New Embellishments.

It's always fun to find new sources of embellishment, nothing maximises terrific layering like the perfect necklace draped over the top... or a rugged bracelet wrapped around your wrist.

Seventh Man are currently courting both Moutoncollet and Tobias Wistisen at the moment who are both to be available from Liberty's of London by next month.

Moutoncollet are a Parisian design duo combining modern ideals of masculinity with the intriguing myths of the long ago past.

They cite valiant knighthood and epic adventures by the sea as their inspiration for their newest collection 'Bords De Mer', which is a unique offering of pendants shaped like everything from bullets to horse heads and everything honourable inbetween.

Sterling silver, black enamelling and black nickel are used throughout the collection, carving it out as one fo the most influential gothic touches you can possibly add to an outfit.

Tobias Wistisen is a Danish designer who studied design in Paris, his first experience in the industry was working at John Galliano's design studio, a clear indicator that Wistisen's work is going to be somewhat ingenious: and his fusion of Parisian haute couture [Galliano style] and the functional, practical craftmanship of Scandinavian design do not let the audience down.

All materials used are treated by hand, ensuring that each individual piece is as unique as can be in a world of mass produced embellishments. His collection drives force the fundamental basics of masculinity, the metals are put through aging processes to emanate the rough quality of immaculate, masculine, craftmanship and inspiration is drawn from futuristic vehicles, all the way back down the time line to ancient armour.

A wonderful selection of treats and details for our carefully selected spring attire.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Seasons by Nao Tamura

This year, Milan design week is stronger than ever. Designer Nao Tamura, has won 1st Premio of Salone Satellite Award. The innovative creation is called Seasons, a serving container made of silicone.

"Seasons" an interpretation of functional kitchen and serving ware, inspired by nature and technology, through the cultural lens of Japan.

"In the land where I grew up, spring is a time when Japanese sweets come wrapped in cherry leaves."
Like a real leaf, each serving dish is flexible and multi-purpose. It rolls up for storage using the benefits of silicone to insure its use in an oven or microwave, able to withstand repeated dishwasher cleaning.

Made from silica sand, silicone is the raw ingredient that ceramic and glass are made from. Compared to glass, very little energy is needed to create and produce silicone. Long-lasting, unbreakable and chip-resistant, lightweight and flexible, it can be compressed for very economical shipping.

Each leaf enjoys its own shape, stackable in its open state, and in multiples, creating a sculptural display of serving art-ware.

"In summer, a fiery ripe tomato is carved out for use as a serving container.

In autumn, fallen foliage from maple tress decorates the dinner table. And, the aroma of bamboo helps create the setting for winter.

Just as winter is followed by spring, there are things that wither and are those born anew. Both truisms run deep and are able to move us from our core.

Is this the cycle that dictates life on Earth?"

Contributing Editor- NJD

HardGraft: The IPad Case

It was only about time clever and handsome IPad cases were created. And, Hardgraft has a great selection of them, all about the details yet simple, which perfectly works with both visions.

Be on the lookout for the coming weeks for the Grab IPad Case above, providing practical ways to carry your precious IPad.

Contributing Editor- NJD

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Blur's Record Day Offering

How many of you made it into Record Stores on Saturday? I know the sun was a fighting distraction so here is the Blur track that they recorded in honour of independent music retailers.

Monotone melodies and harmonious guitars, it may provoke strong feelings of love.

Short Comings

SS10 E Tautz
Whilst staring out of the window today I found myself profusely people watching, well not so much people as their carefully selected attire.. It was surprising how few shorts there were walking past me.

Usually, [now correct me if I am wrong] there are some compromisingly short shorts busted out at the first threat of watery sunlight, whether it is actually radiating warmth or not is irrelevant, or at least it was last summer, no?

Well anyway, I investigated the shorts on offer amongst highstreet retailers and I have to say that Topman have secured first place for best selection. A courteous bow is due to their buyers.

Now before showing your disdain at my proclamation, understand that I am not saying they are the best place to get high quality, sumptiously indulgent shorts, I am just stating that they have a wonderful selection of casual, nicely cut, cotton, bright, disposable shorts. Absolutely perfect for Summer and for boys and girls and men and androgynous women.

The palette for these trim, neat, well above the knee tailored shorts are remeniscent of an American ice cream parlour: Creamy pastels, sharp vibrants and glaring citruses work together to pretty much overwhelm you with choice for yourimpending summer look.

Maybe stroll in and take a look for yourselves as I really would like to see some short suits worn by working men this Summer.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Balmain Homme AW10 - Reviewing

Balmain, the combination of classical and a sophisticated grunge feel that Christophe Decarnin offers. Looking through the looks of his latest men's Autumn/Winter 2010 collection, and noticing the youthful impact that holds a strong bond to style. Perfecting various elements such as motorcycle with leather pants, everyday-workwear based on blazers and khakis, yet all with an ease to cool. Therefore resulting in a collection true to its esthetic and thus, the best one so far.

Contributing Editor - NJD

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Spicey Old Thing

It is important to have at least one very good laugh a day, and currently this is doing it nicely for me.

Despite the fact that Old Spice smells particularly harsh and reminds me of old, chain smoking men of yesteryear, this advert made me want to potter out and buy some from where ever it is that its stocked.

Am I alone in this? I think not. Do not take this as a 7th Man recommendation for a product, merely take it as light relief from an other wise groggy day after the night before, and what a night before, thank you to everyone who was in attenadance at Whisky Mist in honour of us lastnight: including Carolyn Massey and J W Anderson who was wearing those tremendous boots.

Merci, Gracias, Thank you.

Independently Dependent.

Did you know that there are only 269 independent record shops in England? A sharp decline in the last five years has lead to these rare musical gems to become almost extinct.

Personally it breaks my heart when I walk down the highstreet of a small town and their shop selection is exactly the same, as in, EXACTLY the same as any other shopping district in England. It's clinical, uninspiring and terrifying the amount of control that is given to these monstrous super powers of retail.

SO, back on the musical track, in honour of the persevering independent record stores 'Record Store Day' [see what they did there?] has been set up with the intention of supporting these fighting retailers.

The main tool in spearheading this day of records is the imminent release of an exclusive, brand new, Blur track on 7 inch and only available in record stores such as Pure Groove in Farringdon, only 1,000 copies will be distributed so it is a collectors item before it has even hit the shelves.

The records will be in authentic, vintage look wrappings and include tracks by The Beatles, Babyshambles, Hot Chip and Bat For Lashes: lots of British favourites.

There are also going to be UK releases of some of the most influential rockers of all time: Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, The Flaming Lips, many a band preceded by 'the' and MGMT the psychedelic trip kids themselves.

Let's all pull out our pennies and support this dying breed of music. Keep your ears pricked for various in-stores going on in the aforementioned independent music retailers.

We owe are thanks to Parlophone Records. Record Store Day is on the 17th April, you have 2 days to decided on your independent destination.

Roll Up Roll Up

22nd April marks the momentous coming of Guccis first European pop up. WONDERFUL.

You will all be trouping down to 37 Earlham St, London, in order to experience this unique fashion experience I presume? It will be lasting for 3 weeks, almost long enough for it to lay roots before it gets packed up and shipped off somewhere else.

I thought I would give you some advance warning so that financial states can be primped in preparation for this - too good to miss - shopping opportunity.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Those Crazy Cats at BLOW

7TH MAN MAGAZINE is a great supporter of the designers represented by BLOW PR in London.

They look after really great British based, cutting edge menswear designers such as Qasimi and Komakino, which are both featured in the current SS10 issue of 7TH MAN MAGAZINE.
BLOW PR actually represent over 50 designers all in all in their spacious showroom located near Oxford Circus (womenswear, menswear, accessories) - many of which has been worn by uber cool artists and musicians such as Lady Gaga and Paloma Faith.

We were invited today to preview their AW10 collections.
Qasimi's beautiful collection included shirts with pearls sewn around collar and cuff edges, contrasted with sharp, fine tailoring in black leather.
Komakino's collection featured pieces in their signature black, such as bomber jackets and leather biker jackets. The leather armour/breastplates look particularly interesting. A collaboration with Dr Martens featured what looks like thick textural black paint layered onto various parts of the boots.

What really captured my eyes was a spectacular installation featuring a perfectly sprayed black trolley in the centre of the room, showcasing Gemma Slack headdresses:

Stevie (left) wears neck piece by Blandine Bardeau, leather gimp mask by Gemme Slack
Ella (right) wears top by Aqua Couture
Headdresses on/in trolley by Gemma Slack
Trolley (£1.00) available from nearest supermarket, customised by Ella & Ash (now Priceless!!)

After an extensive and informative tour of the AW10 collections by Ella, Ash and Ivan, I was lead to the food table (it was lunchtime afterall...) where I discovered various sugar goodies such as cookies made into the shape of the BLOW PR logo by Gothic Cookie, and lovely cupcakes on a stick by Molly Bakes (she also does edible transfers to use on cupcakes!)

.... and then I was told Molly Baked two SPECIAL cakes for Press Day - one inspired by the work of hair maestro Charlie Le Mindu:

Special "Charlie Le Mindu" cake - Wow!!

.......and another SPECIAL cake inspired by milliner Piers Atkinson:

Ash wears hat with beaded veil by Piers Atkinson,
blazer by Qasimi
holding cake by Molly Bakes

What visual and culinary wonders!!!!
7TH MAN was impressed.

We look forward to partying with these Crazy Cats from BLOW PR tomorrow night at our launch.
We have a feeling its gonna be a wild one......