Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Short Comings

SS10 E Tautz
Whilst staring out of the window today I found myself profusely people watching, well not so much people as their carefully selected attire.. It was surprising how few shorts there were walking past me.

Usually, [now correct me if I am wrong] there are some compromisingly short shorts busted out at the first threat of watery sunlight, whether it is actually radiating warmth or not is irrelevant, or at least it was last summer, no?

Well anyway, I investigated the shorts on offer amongst highstreet retailers and I have to say that Topman have secured first place for best selection. A courteous bow is due to their buyers.

Now before showing your disdain at my proclamation, understand that I am not saying they are the best place to get high quality, sumptiously indulgent shorts, I am just stating that they have a wonderful selection of casual, nicely cut, cotton, bright, disposable shorts. Absolutely perfect for Summer and for boys and girls and men and androgynous women.

The palette for these trim, neat, well above the knee tailored shorts are remeniscent of an American ice cream parlour: Creamy pastels, sharp vibrants and glaring citruses work together to pretty much overwhelm you with choice for yourimpending summer look.

Maybe stroll in and take a look for yourselves as I really would like to see some short suits worn by working men this Summer.



  1. I do agree.... but i think Monsoon do a cool men's collection of shorts!

  2. The British highstreet are beating the world for accessible menswear.
    Even River Island have a few good pieces for the boys!


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