Thursday, 22 April 2010

New Embellishments.

It's always fun to find new sources of embellishment, nothing maximises terrific layering like the perfect necklace draped over the top... or a rugged bracelet wrapped around your wrist.

Seventh Man are currently courting both Moutoncollet and Tobias Wistisen at the moment who are both to be available from Liberty's of London by next month.

Moutoncollet are a Parisian design duo combining modern ideals of masculinity with the intriguing myths of the long ago past.

They cite valiant knighthood and epic adventures by the sea as their inspiration for their newest collection 'Bords De Mer', which is a unique offering of pendants shaped like everything from bullets to horse heads and everything honourable inbetween.

Sterling silver, black enamelling and black nickel are used throughout the collection, carving it out as one fo the most influential gothic touches you can possibly add to an outfit.

Tobias Wistisen is a Danish designer who studied design in Paris, his first experience in the industry was working at John Galliano's design studio, a clear indicator that Wistisen's work is going to be somewhat ingenious: and his fusion of Parisian haute couture [Galliano style] and the functional, practical craftmanship of Scandinavian design do not let the audience down.

All materials used are treated by hand, ensuring that each individual piece is as unique as can be in a world of mass produced embellishments. His collection drives force the fundamental basics of masculinity, the metals are put through aging processes to emanate the rough quality of immaculate, masculine, craftmanship and inspiration is drawn from futuristic vehicles, all the way back down the time line to ancient armour.

A wonderful selection of treats and details for our carefully selected spring attire.


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