Thursday, 29 April 2010

Sirtuin - The Fountain of Youth?

Seven years ago scientists were still hypothesising about the life-extending abilities of a group of enzymes called sirtuins. Present in almost all living cells, these enzymes (in a nutshell) control whether your cell decides to A) commit suicide, or B) take a deep breath, repair its DNA, and go on living a fuller and happier life. Cells that live longer are clearly going to make skin look younger, and the powers that be immediately began to work on unlocking sirtuin's age defying secrets. Fast forward several years and those geniuses at REN Skincare seem to have done it again. By activating these sirtuin enzymes with an extract found in rice, they are able to keep them happy and super-productive - in turn, meaning you get to keep the beautiful skin you’ve got for longer. Throw in a powerful line eraser (a patented hexapeptide-11), a hydrating miracle molecule (hyaluronic acid) and an awesomely high level of skin brightening vitamin C, and you have a tag team that packs a pretty powerful punch. After only three weeks my skin is better hydrated, much brighter, and I've noticed that frown lines are definitely less visible. Active, clean skincare that delivers? A new staple in this editor's bathroom!


  1. How many samples did the editorial desk of 7th Man received or what was the fee for the advertorial? :-)

  2. Can you let us know what age in your expert mind would be appropriate to start using the serum.

  3. @anonymous - Because sirtuin protects what you already have, there is not lower limit as to when you can start using this serum. Essentially it's not a reversal of the ageing process, it's regarded as more of a life extending one. Keeping the good skin you have now for longer.

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