Monday, 26 April 2010

The Oyster Card Wallet

It has happen to us and to you. Waiting for the bus only to be turned away, walking to the tube gates only to have everyone held up.

London based creative team David Bruno and Tom Seymour have invented this neat little concept for London commuters.

"With the Oyster Card Wallet you’ll know how much credit you have on your card at all times, at a glance. It’s a simple idea that will help the underground work a little more efficiently."
The duo have been in talks with TfL and want to go back with a petition of support to make this idea happen. So if you like it, and want one one day, please help their cause by clicking 'like' on this link .

Visit David's and Tom's website to know more about there creative projects.


  1. I want one....a girly one

  2. I bet there will be designer collabs.