Thursday, 28 January 2010

For all you Galliano groupies.

“It’s not just the girl’s that want to party, and be able to pepper their wardrobe with urban essentials, the boys want this option too.” Immortal words spoken by the original wild child of fashion - John Galliano has added another line to extensive portfolio: Galliano Groupie, a brand, spanking, new menswear line from the infamous Galliano and Itteriere SpA.

The collection is inspired by the designers younger days as a fashion junkie void of any disposable income, it bridges the gap between high fashion and high street, putting cutting edge looks together in a haphazard style and with more maestro friendly prices, as opposed to the American Express platinum card that is usually needed.

The debut collection christened 'Picnic at Hanging Rock' , displays an erratic fusion of classic menswear staples such as parkas, blazers and grand dad shirts but worn in a tousled negligence. Ensembles put on to impress peers rather than parents: baggy trousers are distressed to the point of destruction, with bleach scarring the original fabric and turn ups indicating that these trousers could easily drown your feet if left to their original cut.

A classic autumnal palette is displayed with deep ochres, dreery greys, fern greens, and dramatic burgundy's contrasting beautifullyl together to create a harmonious winter look. The altogether silhouette is something remeniscent of the 90's London party scene but with multiple layers and a prominent hint of Galliano's own distinct style, perfect for all who admire his quirky look.

Not so much conformity as controversy, the perfect anecdote to an austere economy.

Galliano Groupie will be available from Fall 2010.

Monday, 25 January 2010

B Store Autumn/Winter 2010 Preview

Here's a grand preview of B Store's Aw10 footwear collection. From the small peek it looks like they have stayed with their iconic shapes, and the crepe sole is here to stay! Also reminding us that London fashion week is only weeks away. Last Season, B Store was inspired by the movie "the Graduate" and managed classic Americana sportswear of the runway.

Always exciting to see what's in store for this season, but one thing is for sure you can count on it to be classical with a twist.

Contributing Editor - NJD

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

David Shrigley's film for Pringle

The shows keep going on in Milan. The lights, the music, the people, all exciting yet all the same. One has to look for the little things that make a difference. So, when Pringle of Scotland's Autumn/Winter 2010 menswear show started with this clever video made by artist David Shrigley, it was a no brainer to be a favorite among the industry. This is Shrigley's first Milan debut, who also designed a t-shirt line last year for the brand.

7thMan is looking forward to see what will come next.

Contributing Editor - NJD

Monday, 18 January 2010


Yes, that's right. PAUL & JOE are reinforcing their menswear market with this new [and welcome] addition to their ranks.

Mister PAUL & JOE is dedicated to fulfilling the highest requirements for infinite quality, class and precision. Exrtacting their influence from the avant garde elegance infused into the St Germain District of Paris throughout the 50's and 60's.

The alternatively chic way of life infused into the area by the inhabiting artists, writers and musicians. The collection will consist of articulate classics, dedicated to masterful cuts whilst using the most prestigious fabrics and finishes.

7th Man readers, being the refined, stylish and effortlessly chic cluster of individuals that we are, will be utterly enchanted when this collection is bestowed upon us, or so Mister PAUL & JOE predicts.

Personally, I am enthralled.. The line will be presented to the press for the first time to press, this Friday, 22nd January in Paris.

Stay tuned for what promises to be a fruitful addition to the menswear collective.

Moschino pay homage to heritage for AW 10/11

In stark contrast to Burberry's sombre colour story, Moschino's fashion depiction of Autumn 2010 leading us perilously into 2011 is a vibrant affair, like two contrasting jigsaw puzzles wedged together on a whim, yet managing to pull the look off both elegantly and effortlessly.

The looks offer up a fusion of robust British fabrics and ,contrasted with flamboyant Italian imagery: A nylon parka emblazoned with Central Station, and a smoking jacket depicting a snow covered Solari Park, exemplify the most flamboyant of these milanese celebratory pieces.

The essential theme is key classics updated with a playful patriotism, but don't let that make you think only an Italian can wear this collection with pride.

The shapes are reminiscent of the late 50's 'Teddy Boys' and developing [before our very eyes] into the infamous mods.

The very best details include rolled up trousers, drawing the eye to mixed fabric brogues and patchwork high tops, innovative reworking of biker jackets and parkas, and the simplistic addition of zips to chunky knitwear and svelte sartorial pieces to create a look which is both retro and modern, but infinitely quirky and wearable.

2010/11 is shaping up to be a grand affair for menswear, thank you Moschino.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

The futures soft, the future is shearling?

So, if, like me-you were glued to your computer screen watching mal-coordinated, beautiful boys stroll down Christopher Bailer's Milan catwalk, you must have some opinions on the predictions of what we shall all be adorned with next winter. If you weren't watching then here: have a little look.

If we are to take Burberry literally, the palette will be a wintry one: slate greys merging with softer shades of this cheerful colour, airforce blue, military green, deep browns, thick creams and sublte hues of blue, gold looks to be their pop colour of choice and heritage military is an absolulute MUST.

Fabrics: it is suggested that we ought to contrast our soft leathers with thick shearling, whether has a soft interior or as an all over covering. [not practical, but simply GORGE]. Th detailing was definately one to watch: double collars, gold fastenings and button detailing on the backs of coats, multi buttoned coats, feminine boots and man bags.

The collection lacked sartorial, which i think could have been predicted due to Bailey's recently emphasised penchant for younger, slimmer, scruffier boys.

But what do you think? Will you follow it? Will you wear it? Is Burberry as a big a titan in menswear as they proved to be in womenswear last season?

I adore Burberry, but the menswear should return to England.

Grab your cash and dash.

London's infamous Dover Street Market, is set to become the home of Salvatore Ferragamo's first, and only pair of men's shoes.

The inspiration behind this authentic looking brogue, is a controversial personality and world renowned artist Andy Warhol. After Warhol's untimely death, the Ferragamo family became the winners of a pair of his-much loved, well worn and slightly paint splattered brogues- at an auction.

These divine inspirations will be available from Dover Street Market in March, the 'creation' brogue personifies the journey that this timeless shoe has been on, highlighting the circular motion of fashion and the constant re-working of classics.

An investment for fashion lovers, if ever there was one.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Burberry Men Live

Live streaming runway presentations seem to be the future for brands. A great way for the devoted fan to feel the front-row energy. Burberry will be showcasing its Burberry Prorsum Autumn/Winter 2010 Menswear show live from Milan on Saturday the 16th, at 6 p.m.(Milan Time)(GMT +1) only at LiveBurberry.

The women's live show back in September was a complete success, the whole industry buzzed about it. Let's hope they give the same showmanship the Burberry Men deserve.

Images provided by Burberry
Contributing Editor - NJD

A Closer Look +J Spring 2010

+J is back at Uniqlo, and simplicity at its best as well, for spring.

With the worldwide success of last season, Uniqlo has come back with great basics for everyday use. And just like last season the collection carries blazers, button downs, jackets, topcoats, pants, all
cool minimalist essentials.

7th Man loves all the colors, that sure will brighten any man's day.

We also hear there is a special summer suit, priced at $200!

+J in stores now in New York,
and London as of last week.

All what is left to do is Go!, Now. If the demand is anything like the fall collection, these spring wardrobe stables will be gone by the end on the week.

All images provided by Modus Publicity
Contributing Editor - NJD

Monday, 11 January 2010

The nineties are actually vintage you know?

The nineties officially became vintage with the death of the first decade of the new millenium in which we all exist.

Selfridges are celebrating this fact with a little help from a few new friends: iconic Nottinghill vintage shop 'Rellik', vintage titans: 'Beyond Retro', and IDEA books to name but a few. It's time to dispell of the monstrous clashing eighties renaissance and wholeheartedly embrace the minimalist grunge of the 90's.

Ease yourself back into the spirit of the 90's by popping into Selfridges' concept store, it'll jog your memory of everything that was considered pop culture way back when none of us seemed to be hurtling towards the offical age of antiques.

DJ's will be instore to recreate the night of 90's ''work it'' whilst fashion, make-up, VHS films and couture originals are displayed.

Titanic features, so there is a plausible reason to make yourself feel old.

The Nineties Are Vintage is running in Selfridges concept strore throughout January 2010.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Heady heights of Hedi Slimane.

Hedi Slimane was never one to conceal the source of his creative flair: young, musically talented and conveniently skinny boys were regularly fronting his runway shows and campaigns adorned in his super slim sartorial, whilst he was captaining the mighty ship of Dior Homme.

In fact, it's probably fair to accredit him with the current love affair fashion is having with tussled, skinny, young, indie boys a la Burberry. So it is encouraging to know that with the explosion of success, his eyes never wandered onto bigger things, so to speak.

If you look here you will see Hedi Slimane's 'Oscar Improvisation 1', a captivating video of a young [very young, 16 year old] Danish ballet dancer: Oscar Nilsson, cavort across the screen whilst Danish musician Mathias Sarsgaard of 'Supershine', bashes the drums for him, adorned in a bear costume- of course.

Slimane remained faithful to his much adored use of chiaroscuro, giving the video a classic feeling, despite being cutting edge and riddled with double entendres.

However all irony aside, Oscar's improvisation is further evidence of Senor Slimane's generous pool of talent.

Friday, 8 January 2010


Just a little flash of exciting news to amount to your already heady anticipation for the Lee/Westwood collab collection: a new Vivienne Westwood MAN store will be opening soon on Conduit Street, making their heavenly clothing more accessible if not quite attainable for the new year!

I shall post exact dates as soon as i clarify them.

Best Combination Since Rum and Ginger Beer?

The wonderful Vivienne Westwood and-the insatiable maestro's of denim- Lee have announced their collaboration on a capsule collection of jeans which will be available in Vivienne Westwood stores from January 2010. [on your marks]

The collection consists of 4 styles to enrobe men, and 5 styles to adorn women. The influences are a fusion of Westwood's punk and experimental techniques, leveraged with Lee's inarguable expertise with denim. [Get Set]

The styles which you will be skidding in store to buy will be: a super-snug rockstar fit, a 'bondage' style trouser and a style that has become synonomous with Westwood's forward thinking style: the drop crotch denim. A more classic fit, is obviously available for those with a tendency to opt for the longterm investment pieces.. [GO]

2010 really has come in with a wonderfull chic bang.

[The line will be distributed among Vivienne Westwood stores initially, and soon become available to a small selection of stockists worldwide.]

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

New "WHITE MUSK" Private Blend Collection by Tom Ford

With the release of "Grey Vetiver" a couple of months ago, we learned about Tom Ford's love for the vetiver plant.
Now with "TOM FORD PRIVATE BLEND WHITE MUSK COLLECTION", we learn of his admiration for musk - most important element in the perfumer's palette - through this latest exclusive Private Blend series.

“The intention was to build on the true beauty of musk, which is not at all heavy or dirty, but has a deep, compelling softness. Inhaling pure musk is a bit like inhaling nude skin. What I discovered is that there’s such a spectrum of shades and tones within the musk family that a single fragrance couldn’t capture its character.”

Tom Ford

This collection consists of four distinctive fragrances inspired "White Suede", "Musk Pure", "Jasmine Musk" & "Urban Musk".

"White Suede" explores the masculine-feminine tension of musk combined with soft leather.
The result is a blend of Bulgarian rose and musk playing off the smoky notes of mate tea and olibanum.
With hints of lily of the valley as well as amber and sandalwood, this scent has a duality that is neither too overpowering nor too floral - a mesmerising balance of the masculine and the feminine.

"Musk Pure" represent the fresh and uplifting quality of Musk.
Its floral and citrus notes are achieved using luxurious ingredients such as ylang ylang orpur, sheer jasmine, bergamot, and dry down.
Balanced out with sensual notes of orris absolute, jasmine sambac and tanka Venezuela, "Musk Pure" is musk in its most authentic and precious expression.

"Jasmine Musk" is a essentially the sublime composition of two musk notes which illustrates the captivating power of this legendary ingredient.
The white, enveloping and deeply precious character of this scent is epitomised by the five sensual base notes of vanilla, sandalwood, vetiver, cistus and amber.

"Urban Musk" explores the oriental facet of musk and its seductive quality.
The animalistic quality of musk is conveyed through ingredients such as Tonkin Musk Headspace and white honey, with balsamic notes of benzain Laos Orpur, the finest and rarest distillation of the precious tree resin from South East Asia.
This scent is inviting on first contact, then powerfully addicting.

These four new fragrances are presented in a new version of the Tom Ford Private Blend bottle that has been designed to convey their lighter, whiter spirit.
The dark glass "Chess Piece" signature Private Blend bottle is remade in clear glass to showcase the light-coloured juices, complete with an ivory cap and an ivory label stamped in gold.
Each bottle is packaged in an ivory box with textured cross hatching on the surface.

"TOM FORD PRIVATE BLEND WHITE MUSK COLLECTION" is available in this 50ml size only.

Private Blend EDP Spray 50ml / 1.7oz £110.00 / 140 Euro

Makassar Display Caddy £100.00 / 140 Euro