Thursday, 22 April 2010

Lacoste Summer Wear

Lacoste - the sports heritage - and now established fashion brand, pride themselves on being the first fashion company on identifying themselves with a visible logo.

Their crocodile emblem is internationally recognised and ubiquitous with the collections.

For the warmer months [which have turned up fashionably early this year] Lacoste have put together something a little special for their 'red' collection: with the use of pop art brights they have regenerised the polo shirt for 2010.

To go with the fantastic palette is a new 100% knitted polo which contradicts the more sporty polo's for which they are renowned, this sumptuosly soft shirt is available in a range of 'sunrise' colours - featuring graduated shades of dove grey, navy blue, strawberry and carrot.. tantalising if not tasty!

Lacoste are also supporting the 'Save your logo campaign' , as part of this campaign on May 22nd The International Day of Biodiversity will be celebrated with lacoste announcing a new initiative for the conservation and preservation of the crocodile, the animal they turned into a fashion heritage symbol!

Visit for more information on Lacostes involvement.

Visit Lacostes website for some supporting imagery:


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