Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Those Crazy Cats at BLOW

7TH MAN MAGAZINE is a great supporter of the designers represented by BLOW PR in London.

They look after really great British based, cutting edge menswear designers such as Qasimi and Komakino, which are both featured in the current SS10 issue of 7TH MAN MAGAZINE.
BLOW PR actually represent over 50 designers all in all in their spacious showroom located near Oxford Circus (womenswear, menswear, accessories) - many of which has been worn by uber cool artists and musicians such as Lady Gaga and Paloma Faith.

We were invited today to preview their AW10 collections.
Qasimi's beautiful collection included shirts with pearls sewn around collar and cuff edges, contrasted with sharp, fine tailoring in black leather.
Komakino's collection featured pieces in their signature black, such as bomber jackets and leather biker jackets. The leather armour/breastplates look particularly interesting. A collaboration with Dr Martens featured what looks like thick textural black paint layered onto various parts of the boots.

What really captured my eyes was a spectacular installation featuring a perfectly sprayed black trolley in the centre of the room, showcasing Gemma Slack headdresses:

Stevie (left) wears neck piece by Blandine Bardeau, leather gimp mask by Gemme Slack
Ella (right) wears top by Aqua Couture
Headdresses on/in trolley by Gemma Slack
Trolley (£1.00) available from nearest supermarket, customised by Ella & Ash (now Priceless!!)

After an extensive and informative tour of the AW10 collections by Ella, Ash and Ivan, I was lead to the food table (it was lunchtime afterall...) where I discovered various sugar goodies such as cookies made into the shape of the BLOW PR logo by Gothic Cookie, and lovely cupcakes on a stick by Molly Bakes (she also does edible transfers to use on cupcakes!)

.... and then I was told Molly Baked two SPECIAL cakes for Press Day - one inspired by the work of hair maestro Charlie Le Mindu:

Special "Charlie Le Mindu" cake - Wow!!

.......and another SPECIAL cake inspired by milliner Piers Atkinson:

Ash wears hat with beaded veil by Piers Atkinson,
blazer by Qasimi
holding cake by Molly Bakes

What visual and culinary wonders!!!!
7TH MAN was impressed.

We look forward to partying with these Crazy Cats from BLOW PR tomorrow night at our launch.
We have a feeling its gonna be a wild one......


  1. You've gotta love BLOW!


    Laura x

  2. Good and another post from you admin :)


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