Friday, 30 October 2009

Newly Waxed

It seems an obvious choice when a product is given a new way to be looked at, and naturally a new feel. That is why 7th Man praises this BillyKrik & Opening Ceremony laptop satchel. The new spin is all in the waxed cloth body, and great details that include a leather bottom, leather tophandle/zip, and the use of vegetable dye that lends to beautiful natural aging.

For purchase or product info, here:

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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The Rolling Stones - From Robert Frank

Cocksucker Blues, a documentary shot by photographer Robert Frank, unravels during the Rolling Stones’ 1972 American tour. This classic underground film features Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, at a time where anything was possible and with their knowledge of this lifestyle, it was not a necessity. Taking a road trip through the South proved not only to be a great source of inspiration but a “Perfect” one. By interpreting everything onto their next live performance. Throughout the early years, the Rolling Stones lived by this code. Invited on a ride of music, sex, and the drug that is life might have proven what one could only dream, but simply at the end one has to wonder only of the talent. A talent that draws you in completely where the rest is excluded and all that is left is true appreciation.

This program, along with others are in conjunction with the exhibition “Looking In: Robert Frank’s The Americans.” The black and white photographs captured a culture once-controversial but today are the most iconic settings throughout the world, such as the “Diner.” Robert Frank found beauty in overlooked corners that at some point were even cliches.

It is difficult to discover an original vision these days, 7th Man looks into the past for the future.

The Americans” is on view until January 3, 2010

Film series continues until the October 31, 2009

Metropolitan Museum Of Art

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Monday, 26 October 2009

Something Sweet

It's always nice to enjoy something a little sweet, a small indulgence.

My Sugarland, a North London boutique - made infamous due to it's ecclectic collection of established designers displayed alongside up and coming designers, whilst being contradicted with a vintage collection that is on the way to being one of the best providers of one of masterpieces - has taken a brazen step into the realm of menswear.

This is no tentative first footstep, they are now the stockists for designers such J W Anderson - the British genius who is pioneering a neo-dandy look whilst referencing the theatrics of the British theatre, and Armand Basi the saviour of simplistic sartorial shapes.

Whilst rummaging through the collections of these innovators of design, you can also stumble across a one off statement piece, sourced especially with your custom in mind by the fashionably ept staff of My Sugarland: all of whom have impressive CV's within the fashion industry i hasten to add, a helpful addition for those days when you can't tell whether you are a channeling bespoke elegance, or old, drunk British eccentric.

This little treat of a boutique can be discovered on St Johns Street [402-404] comfortably close to Islington. This menswear venture was begun on popular demand from the male escorts of My Sugarlands existing female fanbase, go and have a look to see what all the fuss was about.

Look no further than here for an inpromptu treat.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Mad Men Exclusive Edition

T.V. shows inspire us in a daily basis, depending of course on one’s interest. When Mad Men came out three seasons ago it immediately captivated us the audience imagination. A time where cocktail hour was never missed, and especially when every professional man evoked sophistication by what they wore.

Brooks Brothers along with Janie Bryant, Mad Men’s costume designer, have created an exclusive edition suit. The hand-finished, American made suit features a trimmer silhouette and period details. Directly inspired by 1960s tailoring, which is offered in a “static” grey sharkskin fabric.

7th Man would not pass on a chance to look dapper like Mr. Draper.

To find out more on the MADMENEDITION suit, please visit:

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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Back To Black

There's nothing quite as elegant as the infinitely stylish colour black is there? And in the present climate, there isn't a more chic past time than doing your bit for the environment.

So, with those points firmly established, i would like to introduce

What is it? Well in 2007 a blog suggested that if Google were black then it would save 750 MegaWatt-hours a year, and voila: Blackle is the black version of google. An energy saving search engine, and your elegant ticket to a greener lifestyle.

We are all aware of the little ways in which we can conserve power, such as turning the light off upon exiting the room, this is another simplistic step to reducing your energy output, one search at a time. All that is required of you is that you set Blackle as your homepage and take things from there.

7th Man already have, join us on the darkside.

Best Of Buberry

As if their SS10 shows hadn't already imprinted them on our hearts, Burberry, the fashion heirloom of England, has anticipated it's newest strategic online maneuver, to be launched towards the end of this year.

The fashion giant, are following in the footsteps imprinted heavily on the fashion industry by the likes of Face Hunter and The Sartorialist, by launching a website: which will scour out elegant individuals adorned in Burberry trench coats in an online attempt to convey the diversity of the Buberry customer, from the Merchant Bankers swooping out of the tube at Bank, to the style savvy music lovers of Brick Lane.

The Burberry trench is an institution within menswear, whether you wear an original or not is besides the point. 7th Man adore simplistic sartorial elegance, and nothing captures this more than an iconic statement piece, especially from a British heritage brand.

Keep an eye on this website for opportunities to contribute a photo of yourself wearing a mac in your own, unique way.

This new level of customer interaction is sure to further propell Burberry into the centre of our style conscious universe and assist it's quest of world domination.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Ben Sherman Savile Row

This October Ben Sherman has opened a new store dedicated to mens tailoring, on London’s respected Savile Row. Arriving at the store you will find the latest ready-to-wear collection, along with luxury accessories, and most important, a wide range of options from its exceptional made-to-measure service.

Ben Sherman will offer the Camden fit and the Kings fit, which represent modern day mod. The Kings fit provides a more relaxed fit, while the Camden consists of a super slim shape. Both will come with your choice of fabrics, such as Prince of Whales to Birdseye, and the beautiful vintage inspired linings feature English roses, paisley and flock prints. Three styles of shirting all with a slim fit, button-down collar that reflect the spirit of the 60’s, taking it to maximum Mod style.

7th Man is a modern man, an individual who knows bespoke tailoring is essential. Today, Ben Sherman is providing us with the “True Rock Star” experience.

To find out more about Ben Sherman Savile Row, please visit:

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The gentleman’s code

Today, Museum of London, 5pm

Menswear designer Carolyn Massey speaks about her interpretation of the 'gentleman' in her mainline and Topman collections, based on her research into our archives. Based in London, Carolyn completed her MA at the Royal College of Art in 2005 and started her own label in June 2006. Her work focuses upon the sartorial code of 'what it is to be a gentleman' and how this has been appropriated during times of social or civil unrest. The Carolyn Massey mainline label exhibits seasonally in Paris during Mens Fashion Week through easternBlock showroom and corresponding presentations are held through London Fashion Week. Carolyn has also started production on her third diffusion line collection for Topman.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Brioni launches new fragrance after 50 years.

Last Wednesday, Brioni held an exclusive event at its Bruton Street store in London to launch the new limited edition mens fragrance "Brioni" - the first fragrance since 1958.
This event was hosted by the CEO of Brioni, Andrea Perrone, grandson of co-founder Gaetano Savini, together with rock star and style icon Bryan Ferry.

In the 1950s, the brand introduced a limited series of men's fragrances, which included the "Good Luck" eau-de-cologne to celebrate the chic and innovative elegance of the period.

In celebration of the 65th anniversary of the house of Brioni, this new men's fragrance pays tribute to the rich history of La Dolce Vite.
In keeping with the brands philosophy "To Be One of a Kind", "Brioni" will also be available as a limited edition fragrance, and will be available exclusively at the Brioni stores as well as Harrods from this week:

100ml 'spray' bottle - £250
300ml 'splash' bottle - £520

(Did you know that Brioni has been the official outfitter of James Bond up until "The Quantum of Solace"?)

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Hidden Gargyle

Billykirk Olive Heather English Walker -$100 -Sizes M-XL

Tuck all the way downtown in the Lower East Side resides Gargyle. A perfect spot to resemble the boutique’s origin concept of the early American country clubs, which were located in rural sanctuaries.

Entering Gargyle you immediately get a change in scenery, yet still feeling the culture of the L.E.S. Carrying brands such as April77, Bstore, Fred Perry, Mjolk, and YMC all which support the store’s philosophy of “Believing in whatever ones amusement may be, dressing smart and for the part will make good times great!!”

Bstore Mario Boots-$360-Sizes 41-45

Karen Walker Eyewear-$190

United Bamboo Darley Sanp Button-down shirt-$200 Size S-L

7th Man Favorites for Fall’09 include a Billykirk English Hat, Karen Walker sunglasses, a pair of Bstore boots, and a United Bamboo button-down shirt, all seen above.

To find out more about Gargyle please visit:

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Friday, 16 October 2009

A New Day For Men

Laurence Dacade is a shoe designer, she designs for chanel, her footwear can be seen in this season’s Matthew Williamson runway presentation, and for her Spring-2010 collection, Laurence created two styles for us gentlemen.

Starting her namesake collection back in 2002, Laurence has produced shoes that are sexy and elegant, bringing design houses such as Balmain, Givenchy, Kenzo, and Karl Lagerfeld what they desire each season. Now taking signature details from her past-present collections, and implementing them to create modern, androgynous shoes for today’s man.

7th Man believes in a time when mens fashion keeps on growing each season, it is fascinating to have Laurence Dacade interested and participating for both genders.

Women have always taken masculine attire and applied them to their everyday use, Why can we do the same in this day of age? With these you can, Laurence touch of chicness will make any man look to the future.

To find out more about Laurence Dacade, please visit:

For sale inquires or press, please visit:

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Frieze Art Fair

Tracey Emin_ "Neon Life: A Portrait..."

Louise Bourgeois_ "The couple"

Paul McCarthy_"Henry Moore Bound to Fail"

Cindy Cherman_"Untitled 351"

Erwin Wurm_"Pumpkin"

I lost myself in the trees of Regent's Park. It was truly an amazing experience discovering hidden art of the Louise Bourgeois "The Couple" alongside the "Henry Moore Bound to Fail" of Paul McCarthy, it's somenthing that you can't find everyday. A frangance of austerity and recession enfold the intery and unique pavillion that holds the 2009 edition of Frieze Art Fair. Hundreds of gallerys came from all over the world for one of the most important days for Contemporary art's business. An auditorium filled with the artists meeting until the event finishes this sunday.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

A Single Man

Tomorow the 53rd Annual BFI London Film Festival begins, bringing with it an eclectic selection of cinematic talent from all over the world.

Friday the 16th is the day of debut for Tom Ford's first offering away from his usual role as Fashion Emperor of the world.

His adaptation of the book 'A Single Man' by Christopher Isherwood, is a highly stylised, achingly fashionable story set in the sixties. The narrative takes place throughout a day of a middle aged professor's life, who has lost track of the meaning of his life after the death of long term partner [professor played by Colin Firth and partner played by Matthew Goode]. Julianne Moore takes on the role as Firth's glamorous best friend, ensuring that the cast is as star studded as one of his catwalk shows.

The imagery and screenplay is as eloquently styled as you would expect, with impeccable portrayals of sixties fashion, whilst retaining the sense of a rugged, experimental indie flick. The styling enhances, rather than detracts from the deeply affecting story of love and loneliness playing out within the 99 minute duration.

View the preview clip here

Paul Smith For Evian

Paul Smith - the quintessence of British menswear charm - has collaborated with Evian of bottled water fame.

His trademark multicoloured stripes envelope the neck of the bottle, imprinted there by organic ink of course, integrating a flash of colour to entertain you whilst you hydrate.

These limited edition bottles are being sold up until Christmas, check the website to find a stockist near you.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

For Jean-Michel Basquiat

The Inoue Brothers, along with Nicholas Taylor bring us a collaboration in honor of the late NYC artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. Jean and Nicholas had a extraordinary creative relationship that developed during the 1980’s. Both created the band ‘GRAY” also consisting of Michael Holman, and Vincent Gallo, which was declared at the time by Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine as “possibly the best band on the planet.”

Taylor and The Inoue Brothers wanted to show a new perspective for that time. They wanted to capture the essence of the late 70’s and early 1980s downtown art scene.

And they did, in three creative ways.

The Exhibition:

As Jean-Michel’s confidante, Nicholas Taylor brings together a collection of photographs that depict’ both growing relationships, in a time where their talent was flourishing.

At the St. Martins Lane Hotel, Front Room. Now until November 1st, 2009

The Collection:

Together with the exhibition, the Inoue brothers have designed an exclusive collection which will be at Dover St Market from 10th of October - 7th November 2009. Employing discharge printing technique, using as canvas, the collection incorporates classic styles from well known labels such as Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, Pendleton Woolen Mills and 1969 vintage Levi’s.

Each item is unique and limited edition.

The Book:

Bringing Nicholas sentiments in a unique collection of essays and images.

"Jean-Michel Basquiat Through Nicholas Taylor" will be available for £35 at both St. Martins Lane Hotel and Dover St. Market.

To find out more, please visit:

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Friday, 9 October 2009

Always count on Alter

Nortwick Border Jacket, Tweed - S and XL left, also in black Available -$155

On most days truthfully, all we want is to be casual. There are many retailers who get caught-up on brands/trends that do not translate into everyday use. That is why entering Alter proved to be a great find.

Alter carries Cheap Monday, Kill City, Penfield, Vintage finds, and along with many other contemporary brands. It is not the brands that make the shop great, but the selection. One can expect getting full use of the items, and the best part, for many years to come. Which, in this time it is all we need.

7TH MAN’s favorites for Fall 09’ is a cotton trench, with military-like quality, a black & white long-sleeve tee, both Cheap Monday below, leather covered/ studded belt in black, a tight fit blue jeans-Cheap Monday, all below. Above image is a beautifully tailored jacket- Nortwick.

Cheap Monday Viv Trench in black - S-XL -$175 Cheap Monday Roy Tee, M-XL -$45

Stud Belt in black leather -S-M -$38

Very Stretch One Wash Jeans, Cheap Monday - 25x32 to 34x34, also available in black -$69

All casual and modern, perfect for the new season.

The skinny jeans are carried all year long. 7TH MAN owns a pair, and it is one that could be worn everyday. So the next time you are looking for those good, perfect tees or a pair of “jeans”, you know where to go.

To find out more about Alter visit:


109 Franklin St. (Mens Shop)

140 Franklin St. (Womens Shop)

Brooklyn, NY 11222 USA

Phone: 718-349-0203

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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Houndstooth - Vintage for Today's Man

from Japan: $65

As a man, like many, always in the look out for high-quality vintage clothing, it was incredible to have walked into Houndstooth.

Owners Maria Chavez and Michael Kimmins travel around the world, from South America to Europe, to bring together a range of treasures to us. You will find special design items, from shirts to pants, and suits made from all natural fibers. Each piece is unique on its own, with a story behind them.

7TH MAN’s favorites include a black cotton shirt with viscose fringe (1950s), a canvas and woven leather creepers (1960s), all seen below, and a hand-painted silk tie (1960s), seen above.

custom tailored in Fort Worth, Texas (size 15) $250

from Spain (size 10.5) $145

Their shop has closed recently, but fret not, now these selected items have gone more exclusive. To work one on one with the fashion industry and prized customers, the owners have set-up a private showroom.

Every week something new and exciting can be found at Houndstooth.

To make an appointment now, e-mail:

To find more information on Houndstooth visit:

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