Wednesday, 30 September 2009

A Perfect Match

In a time when it seems that every week a collaboration is announced, literally, there has been no other one that makes anymore sense.

Today, Uniqlo retail chains around the world will launch the +J collection. A collaboration that will bring luxurious and modern designs to all the Uniqlo costumers. With Jil Sander’s clean, classical aesthetic and Uniqlo’s ability to produce contemporary clothing, it is hard to believe that any fashion conscious person will not have one item. The collection will consist of the basics. From Outerwear to Accessories, all with pure character, that will sure last you for many seasons.

7th MAN is thrilled to have a smart group of items available for men. We hope there is more to come.

- Online Contributing Editor - NJD

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Scott Campbell’s 1st London Exhibition

American tattoo artist Scott Campbell is known for his captivating body art. With colour, strong references, and detailed work, one can see the passion in each creation.

Lazarides Gallery will present his first major European exhibition, and London debut featuring all new works by Scott Campbell. Hearts, guns, skulls and religious illustrations are common in Scott's art. What makes this different is each design is interpreted in a series of 100 dollar bill sculptures. The result is a three-dimensional image that brings the literal references of Americaness.

The exhibition will also include collages that depict the beginning process.

7TH MAN is intrigued by the aesthetic expression of each piece. There is no question that tattoos have become a part of contemporary art culture.

The exhibition will run through the whole month of October.

Online Contributing Editor - NJD

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Carolyn Massey

Backstage at Carolyn Massey...

Images James Pinkie Terry

Friday, 25 September 2009

Alexander McQueen SS'10 show - live stream from Paris

Alexander McQueen has officially announced the live streaming of his SS'2010 ladieswear show in Paris online.

‘My shows have always been a big part of my work, what has taken me three months to develop is shown in just 15 minutes to a very small audience. I wanted to create a sense of inclusion for all those in the world who are interested in my work and the world of Fashion. This is just the first step towards revolutionising the ‘show system’ as we know it.’ Alexander McQueen

For this exclusive broadcast, McQueen has partnered with, and the ladieswear runway show will be filmed live under the direction of photographer Nick Knight, capturing the essence of the McQueen spectacular.

This live broadcast event will commence at 20:15 Paris time on Tuesday October 6th at the joint micro-site below:

It is also accessible via: and

Not to be missed!!!

MAN JW Anderson

JW Anderson's S/S 2010 collection took on a number of influences including; sportswear, tribal elements, and even feminine influences. These influences were drawn togther into simple yet high impact pieces. Lightweight silk dungarees, silk blazer, long length t-shirts, body-con tunics, silk high waisted trousers and tribal touches in the shape of oversized piled on bangles and beaded crop tops...

Images James Pinkie Terry

MAN Katie Eary

7Th MAN went along to the MAN show... There was a huge buzz about up-and-coming designer Katie Eary. Her 'Naked Lunch' collection was inspired by William Burroughs's Naked Lunch and Junky. There was T-shirts with printed hearts, human hair embellished on sheer sleeves and digitally printed bones. The looks were layered with gold jewellery and ropes were used to echo the ribs and spine.

The jewer Mawi created hand-pieces, sandals and rope pieces to extend this exoskeleton infulence. The skeletal prints and layered pieces worked alongside studded leather, gold snakeskin, and patent panels used to create skeletal effect.

Images- James Pinkie Terry

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Backstage at Komakino

For their SS'2010 Menswear collection, designers Federico Capalbo and Jin Kim deconstructs and recomposes religious, political and classic images to create a contradiction of refined tailoring and deconstruction.

This predominately black collection featured leathers, printed panels and fabric manipulations with military, neo-classical and street details - with a nod to 80s rebellion.

The couture rubber pieces were collaborated with Atsuko Kudo, the jewelry and metallic headpieces with accessories designer Keko Hainwheeler.


Images James Pinkie Terry

b Store "The Graduate"

7th MAN asked the designer duo Matthew Murphy and Kirk Beattie the story behind the new collection.
"It started with Benjamin Braddock, who is the main character of the movie The Graduate. Then we moved it slightly to Americana sportswear, rich kids playing in the Hamptons with million pound pads.”

With checkered and striped button downs, blazers and pants, mostly rolled up a bit, relaxed shorts, and sweaters wrapped around the shoulders. Classical comes to mind with an American feeling, but never losing its British charm.
"Menswear today is going back to the traditional ways, their is no fuss, good pair of pants and jacket." said designer Kirk Beattie.

b Store’s own shoes for Spring 2009.


- Online Contributing Editor: NJD

Images James Pinkie Terry

Fashion East Installments - Favorites


This season striped tops have been everywhere. From the runway to the streets. This Sibling light sweater is the perfect balance between style and edge.

Patterns are always important. You can not go wrong with this one. Black on Black patterns are a safe way to go.



Joe Casely-Hayford small collection represents a unique experisson of feelings. 7th man was intriguged by the choice of patterns. Individuality in a good way.

Shoes at Joe Casely-Hayford:


-Online Contributing Editor - NJD

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Mr.Hare, Classical & Young

Great ready-to-wear designers have presented this season at London, and it is easy to forget about other kind of artists, but Mr. Hare’s SS2010 collection is not to be ignored.

Boots, flats, and lace-ups with great details was presented today. In a lovely natural setting, good to focus on the inspiring footwear. Mr. Hare stated “The first collection was a time to experiment, and with this new collection I can show my true point of view as a designer”.

With this great collection, 7th MAN is looking foward to future of Mr. Hare.

Online Contributing Editor - NJD

Lou Dalton's "Corsairs"

For Spring 2010 Lou Dalton goes sailing, and we welcome her with open arms. The top male models of the moment (Cole Mohr, Josh Beech) spotted blazers, knitted tops, and khaki bottoms on the runway in the Portico Rooms of Somerset House. But what made this collection special was the modern touch given to them: the jackets were paired with stripe scarves, and belts to give the nautical effect. The tops had crystals that sparkled, and pants looked like they were tailored perfectly.

7th MAN had a few words with the designer, “Napolean’s adventures” she said. “It is an exciting time for menswear today, in London. It is up, and quite important.”

The accessories were key pieces for this collection. Hats were covered in gold, and navy satins. (Courtesy of Bernstock Speirs) Round sunglasses that will be an important trend for next season were provided by Linda Farrow. Suede, and leather shoes from Grenson, and the ruffled metallic corsages here and there giving this quirky and modern collection the final touch.

Online Contributing Editor - NJD