Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Limited Edition Supra Skytop

Founded in 2006, SUPRA quickly became one the of the world’s leading footwear brands. Originally born out of Southern California skateboard culture, SUPRA has remained firmly committed to its heritage whilst offering distinctive and compelling products.
SUPRA’s most recent product launch is the limited edition Skytop. It has been designed with a heavyweight camouflage canvas upper, accented with orange highlights, black laces, white pinstripe detailing, and pumpkin orange sole. With only 413 pairs produced, they have been sequentially numbered on the interior of each shoe. 
The SUPRA Camouflage Skytop is available at SUPRA retailers world wide and at suprafootwear.com

By Alexandra Carr contributing blogger from Central Saint Martins


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  2. We never reject a camouflage item! Never. Love this shoes.
    Have you seen my street style from Paris?
    See one here :)


  3. Just a thought, are all the 413 pairs of Skytop edition sold out? I like color of the sole and the camo design.

  4. how nice look good. this can use very in dancing hi hop. i love suprah.. like

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