Monday, 11 January 2010

The nineties are actually vintage you know?

The nineties officially became vintage with the death of the first decade of the new millenium in which we all exist.

Selfridges are celebrating this fact with a little help from a few new friends: iconic Nottinghill vintage shop 'Rellik', vintage titans: 'Beyond Retro', and IDEA books to name but a few. It's time to dispell of the monstrous clashing eighties renaissance and wholeheartedly embrace the minimalist grunge of the 90's.

Ease yourself back into the spirit of the 90's by popping into Selfridges' concept store, it'll jog your memory of everything that was considered pop culture way back when none of us seemed to be hurtling towards the offical age of antiques.

DJ's will be instore to recreate the night of 90's ''work it'' whilst fashion, make-up, VHS films and couture originals are displayed.

Titanic features, so there is a plausible reason to make yourself feel old.

The Nineties Are Vintage is running in Selfridges concept strore throughout January 2010.

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