Wednesday, 6 January 2010

New "WHITE MUSK" Private Blend Collection by Tom Ford

With the release of "Grey Vetiver" a couple of months ago, we learned about Tom Ford's love for the vetiver plant.
Now with "TOM FORD PRIVATE BLEND WHITE MUSK COLLECTION", we learn of his admiration for musk - most important element in the perfumer's palette - through this latest exclusive Private Blend series.

“The intention was to build on the true beauty of musk, which is not at all heavy or dirty, but has a deep, compelling softness. Inhaling pure musk is a bit like inhaling nude skin. What I discovered is that there’s such a spectrum of shades and tones within the musk family that a single fragrance couldn’t capture its character.”

Tom Ford

This collection consists of four distinctive fragrances inspired "White Suede", "Musk Pure", "Jasmine Musk" & "Urban Musk".

"White Suede" explores the masculine-feminine tension of musk combined with soft leather.
The result is a blend of Bulgarian rose and musk playing off the smoky notes of mate tea and olibanum.
With hints of lily of the valley as well as amber and sandalwood, this scent has a duality that is neither too overpowering nor too floral - a mesmerising balance of the masculine and the feminine.

"Musk Pure" represent the fresh and uplifting quality of Musk.
Its floral and citrus notes are achieved using luxurious ingredients such as ylang ylang orpur, sheer jasmine, bergamot, and dry down.
Balanced out with sensual notes of orris absolute, jasmine sambac and tanka Venezuela, "Musk Pure" is musk in its most authentic and precious expression.

"Jasmine Musk" is a essentially the sublime composition of two musk notes which illustrates the captivating power of this legendary ingredient.
The white, enveloping and deeply precious character of this scent is epitomised by the five sensual base notes of vanilla, sandalwood, vetiver, cistus and amber.

"Urban Musk" explores the oriental facet of musk and its seductive quality.
The animalistic quality of musk is conveyed through ingredients such as Tonkin Musk Headspace and white honey, with balsamic notes of benzain Laos Orpur, the finest and rarest distillation of the precious tree resin from South East Asia.
This scent is inviting on first contact, then powerfully addicting.

These four new fragrances are presented in a new version of the Tom Ford Private Blend bottle that has been designed to convey their lighter, whiter spirit.
The dark glass "Chess Piece" signature Private Blend bottle is remade in clear glass to showcase the light-coloured juices, complete with an ivory cap and an ivory label stamped in gold.
Each bottle is packaged in an ivory box with textured cross hatching on the surface.

"TOM FORD PRIVATE BLEND WHITE MUSK COLLECTION" is available in this 50ml size only.

Private Blend EDP Spray 50ml / 1.7oz £110.00 / 140 Euro

Makassar Display Caddy £100.00 / 140 Euro

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