Friday, 15 January 2010

A Closer Look +J Spring 2010

+J is back at Uniqlo, and simplicity at its best as well, for spring.

With the worldwide success of last season, Uniqlo has come back with great basics for everyday use. And just like last season the collection carries blazers, button downs, jackets, topcoats, pants, all
cool minimalist essentials.

7th Man loves all the colors, that sure will brighten any man's day.

We also hear there is a special summer suit, priced at $200!

+J in stores now in New York,
and London as of last week.

All what is left to do is Go!, Now. If the demand is anything like the fall collection, these spring wardrobe stables will be gone by the end on the week.

All images provided by Modus Publicity
Contributing Editor - NJD

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