Thursday, 28 January 2010

For all you Galliano groupies.

“It’s not just the girl’s that want to party, and be able to pepper their wardrobe with urban essentials, the boys want this option too.” Immortal words spoken by the original wild child of fashion - John Galliano has added another line to extensive portfolio: Galliano Groupie, a brand, spanking, new menswear line from the infamous Galliano and Itteriere SpA.

The collection is inspired by the designers younger days as a fashion junkie void of any disposable income, it bridges the gap between high fashion and high street, putting cutting edge looks together in a haphazard style and with more maestro friendly prices, as opposed to the American Express platinum card that is usually needed.

The debut collection christened 'Picnic at Hanging Rock' , displays an erratic fusion of classic menswear staples such as parkas, blazers and grand dad shirts but worn in a tousled negligence. Ensembles put on to impress peers rather than parents: baggy trousers are distressed to the point of destruction, with bleach scarring the original fabric and turn ups indicating that these trousers could easily drown your feet if left to their original cut.

A classic autumnal palette is displayed with deep ochres, dreery greys, fern greens, and dramatic burgundy's contrasting beautifullyl together to create a harmonious winter look. The altogether silhouette is something remeniscent of the 90's London party scene but with multiple layers and a prominent hint of Galliano's own distinct style, perfect for all who admire his quirky look.

Not so much conformity as controversy, the perfect anecdote to an austere economy.

Galliano Groupie will be available from Fall 2010.

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