Friday, 9 October 2009

Always count on Alter

Nortwick Border Jacket, Tweed - S and XL left, also in black Available -$155

On most days truthfully, all we want is to be casual. There are many retailers who get caught-up on brands/trends that do not translate into everyday use. That is why entering Alter proved to be a great find.

Alter carries Cheap Monday, Kill City, Penfield, Vintage finds, and along with many other contemporary brands. It is not the brands that make the shop great, but the selection. One can expect getting full use of the items, and the best part, for many years to come. Which, in this time it is all we need.

7TH MAN’s favorites for Fall 09’ is a cotton trench, with military-like quality, a black & white long-sleeve tee, both Cheap Monday below, leather covered/ studded belt in black, a tight fit blue jeans-Cheap Monday, all below. Above image is a beautifully tailored jacket- Nortwick.

Cheap Monday Viv Trench in black - S-XL -$175 Cheap Monday Roy Tee, M-XL -$45

Stud Belt in black leather -S-M -$38

Very Stretch One Wash Jeans, Cheap Monday - 25x32 to 34x34, also available in black -$69

All casual and modern, perfect for the new season.

The skinny jeans are carried all year long. 7TH MAN owns a pair, and it is one that could be worn everyday. So the next time you are looking for those good, perfect tees or a pair of “jeans”, you know where to go.

To find out more about Alter visit:


109 Franklin St. (Mens Shop)

140 Franklin St. (Womens Shop)

Brooklyn, NY 11222 USA

Phone: 718-349-0203

-Online Contributing Editor -NJD

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