Tuesday, 14 June 2011

knitwear solved.

Along with pants and socks, knitwear is definitely one of the most worn items by all of us at 7th MAN. The high street provides an array of standard, and somewhat predictable knitwear options that everyone has become very used to.

We've always deemed it important to have a luxurious, indulgent jumper to save us carrying the duvet to work. Out of the office, a stylish knitwear alternative will never go a miss, however admittedly, it is hard to find. That bright red but comfortable hand knitted jumper we got for christmas is great for watching TV, but embarrassing to answer the door in. Happily, but somewhat overdue, we have put it safely to the bottom of our wardrobe as we've found a far better alternative.

AM Golhar knitwear keeps it masculine with somber hues and chunky styles. We are certain that any man can look stylish all year around with these flattering designs. Although it's cliché, the pieces do look great dressed up or down, and hold their own in any context. Consider the christmas jumper worn ironically and only once a year. AM Golhar has quite firmly taken its place.


By Lewis Taylor Fashion assistant


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