Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Houndstooth - Vintage for Today's Man

from Japan: $65

As a man, like many, always in the look out for high-quality vintage clothing, it was incredible to have walked into Houndstooth.

Owners Maria Chavez and Michael Kimmins travel around the world, from South America to Europe, to bring together a range of treasures to us. You will find special design items, from shirts to pants, and suits made from all natural fibers. Each piece is unique on its own, with a story behind them.

7TH MAN’s favorites include a black cotton shirt with viscose fringe (1950s), a canvas and woven leather creepers (1960s), all seen below, and a hand-painted silk tie (1960s), seen above.

custom tailored in Fort Worth, Texas (size 15) $250

from Spain (size 10.5) $145

Their shop has closed recently, but fret not, now these selected items have gone more exclusive. To work one on one with the fashion industry and prized customers, the owners have set-up a private showroom.

Every week something new and exciting can be found at Houndstooth.

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-Online Contributing Editor -NJD

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