Saturday, 22 January 2011

Diesel x Adidas Originals collaboration

After their successful denim collaboration in 2008 Diesel and Adidas Originals thought it was time to put their thinking caps on and create a limited capsule trainers collection.

Adidas used their street swagger on Diesel's denim in 2008 but this time it was Diesel who curated  their trademark on five classic Adidas styles. Founder's, Renzo Rosso, son Stefano who took the lead in the re-creation of the project stated that "After the amazing denim collaboration, when Diesel’s know-how was infused by Adidas’ spirit, we are now starting a new chapter of the partnership: The heritage of the two brands will come together, applying our spirit on Adidas classic kicks."
The trainers will go on sale this week in Diesel stores and but the lovechild of the two brands, including an amazing spiked manipulated StanSmith, won't be available for everyone  since there's only 10 thousand pairs manufactured!!

What do you guys think of the new collaboration?

By Andreas Menelaou Features Assistant


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  2. The ones on the second picture are exactly my type. Hope I acquire them someday.

  3. Thanks for sharing these & very well explained post. Some thing new to learn from this helpful post.

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