Thursday, 2 December 2010

Counting Down To A Hostem Christmas

SHOWstudio isn't the only fashion affair counting down the days to Christmas with an intriguing festive stunt. Hostem, the epicentre of men's fashion in Shoreditch has introduced an innovative take on an old-school Christmas tradition with their brand new Hostem Advent Calendar.

Of course, a cacophony of confectionery or commercial frivolity is not to be expected with this particular advent calender. Far from it in fact. In order to toast the December countdown, Hostem have enlisted Shoreditch's underground bar Lounge Bohemia as a collaborator to supply exquisite, artisan trinkets as part of the gifts on offer. What's more, in-store featured designers have also contributed to the cause, supplying ultra-covetable one-of-a-kind pieces.

For one month, the windows of the Hostem boutique will play host to twenty-four bespoke wooden boxes, each of them housing a unique gift. Passers-by on Redchurch Street will be able to glimpse the treasures within, with one side of the box exposed to display the riches within and the other side under lock and key.

The gifts on offer are an eclectic mix ranging from the luxurious to the louche with the likes of conceptual designer and queen of gothic cool Ann Demeulemeester supplying a one-off necklace erupting in feathers juxtaposed with LA based designer and cult collaborator Dr. Romanelli providing a collectable bronze figurine from the Dr. Goodfellow set- the spoils of a collaboration with ultra-lux sunglasses brand, Oliver Peoples.

Other offerings include a bespoke pair of reversible leather high-tops in rich, oxblood leather by Italian footwear label MA+, a ritualistic silver goblet- a Greek Rhyton- by emerging London accessories label Curiouser + Curiouser as well as a sterling silver bracelet dotted with clusters of diamonds by one of Karl Lagerfeld's favourite jewelery brands, Chrome Hearts.

To view these treasures by night, you're in for a treat as small candles are placed in each box, illuminating the wonders within. If you would like to purchase the limited edition gifts on each one's designated day, you will then be able to collect them on Christmas Eve.

Just another Yuletide pleasure to look forward to this Christmas.

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