Monday, 15 November 2010

A Different Kind Of Retail Experience

Since luxury menswear boutique Hostem opened its doors on Shoreditch’s Redchurch Street this summer, this quiet enclave has been subtly shifting the London retail landscape. Shunning the in-your-face attitude of many pop-ups and “concept” stores of late, Hostem possesses a rather more modest philosophy as it strives to cater to “a considered, fashion literate gentleman who demands a sense of depth and variety to his retail experience”.

In order to succeed in this ideal, Hostem enlisted the assistance of designers-of-the moment JAMESPLUMB who very much poured their signature “love-worn” aesthetic into the interiors of this store. Exposed light bulbs illuminate features such as reclaimed wooden floorboards, masterfully reworked mirrors and plump bookshelves lined with various bric-a-brac. Together with a chandelier that erupts with mini lamp shades, such accents all add to a thoroughly “rough luxe” feel that brings to the fore-front the character and individuality of Hostem. As the store touts it “Think Dickens with a dash of Dali humor”.

Of course, the crucial component of this boutique comes in the form of the rich collection of avant-garde fashion juxtaposed with street-luxe menswear pieces. Home to labels such as Casey-Hayford, Visvim and Adam Kimmel, Hostem provides the ultimate selection for the fashion conscious men of today.

Consisting of three adjoining rooms, the store offers a carefully structured retail experience. The first room is dotted with concrete plinths that display footwear and homes the Hostem essentials, be it the draped Damir Doma t-shirt or the bewitching fragrance of the Melograno bath oil from Santa Maria Novella. The next port-of-call is the considerably more intimate space devoted to garments of a rather more niche and art-directional disposition with the likes of Ann Demeulemeester and Augusta featuring throughout. The third room, however, is a concept unique to the store, where visiting designers are invited to take up residence on a short term basis.

The latest addition to this space, which shall be launched in the next few weeks, is the innovative showcase entitled The Dr Romanelli Prescription Shoppe, curated by Dr. Romanelli. What’s more, a new basement room has now officially opened, a space which shall centre on the more streetwear labels such as Visvim, Mastermind Japan and Anachronorm along with several brands that have not been available outside of Japan before, all exclusive to Hostem.

Ultimately, this is one retail experience that shall have the masses flooding east to sample the sartorial delights this store proudly offers.

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  1. such a boring store.

    real lack of depth

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