Thursday, 2 December 2010

On The Second Day Of Christmas, My True Love Gave To Me...

Not two turtle doves. Yes, the traditional Christmas Carol has been given a contemporary update thanks to Nick Knight's innovative SHOWstudio. To mark the Christmas period, SHOWstudio and SHOWstudio Shop has launched its own Twelve Days of Christmas over the first two weeks of December 2010.

Highlighting twelve must-have pieces featured in the SHOWstudio Shop over the last twelve months, the numerous desirable pieces vary from extravagant one-off artworks to photographic prints as well as limited edition t-shirts and signed publications. Needless to say, there's not a partridge in sight!

Commencing yesterday with Gareth Pugh's One Flower Bomb "Eek", followed swiftly by today's installment Two Platinum Elephants courtesy of Jeffry Mitchell, other works which shall follow in the coming days will include pieces by designer Giles Deacon, contemporary artist Laurie Simmons, super-stylist Alister Mackie and milliner Nasir Mazhar. Of course, Mr Knight himself shall also contribute to the selection, offering twelve signed copies of his eponymous monograph.

Each and every item is available to purchase via SHOWstudio Shop in Bruton Place and also online here and every day on the SHOWstudio blog, a new item will be showcased, alongside an exclusive quote from the artist who created it.

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