Thursday, 2 December 2010

Prepare Yourself For Next Season With Mr. Hare

With the snow inciting a particularly festive spirit around the country, we are well and truly in the midst of A/W 10. While sporting this season's threads is exciting in itself, we can't help but look forward to designers' S/S 11 offerings with heightened anticipation. The latest Lookbook to have us itching to ditching our heavy winter boots in favour of something more sophisticatedly neat, comes in the form of Mr. Hare's quirky showcase of the label's brand new collection:

Featuring a dapper selection of men's brogues, loafers and the classic Oxford shoe, the collection possess utilises a neutral palette and fine materials to create a range of shoes, one of which would be the perfect finishing touch to any outfit next season.

Mr. Hare was founded in 2008 as "One Man's Selfish Pursuit of Great Shoes". With a collection like this, mission accomplished:

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