Wednesday, 1 September 2010


The value of Bespoke Tailoring as never been underestimated by any self respecting, impeccably dressed, male individual.

But now, the art of bespoke, is being simplified somewhat and thrust onto the high street. No, not Topman, but Reiss, the closest thing to a high end, high street retailer that the streets of Great Britain have on offer.

David Reiss, the business mogul behind this slice of genius has described his company mission as trying to 'exceed the expectations with the exceptional level of quality and service we are offering'.

The service is set to be an emulation of the more established tailors freckled along Savile Row, such as Gieves and Hawkes, but for - in comparison - miniscule prices for something that fits, exactly as it should.

What a monumental step in the right direction, the service will be available from September in their flagship stores. Over 50 Italian and English fabrics will be on offer, which can be sculpted into 32 different jacket styles and topped off with 12 differing trouser options, all of which will be tweaked, snipped and made especially for your body, with all it's unique little quirks.

Prices start at £550, but we need not shout about this when asked where, and by what means, we managed to purchase such a fine, sharp suit.

[And look they got a hold of Maximillian, the Select model who has been scattered all over the menswear industry recently, including in the September issue of GQ, like a centrfold just deigning to be pulled out and stuck on your wall.]

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