Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Tweed Run 2010

One of the daily pleasures in life, is that morning and evening's moments when you feel the wind blowing your hair, and everything seems to be right with the world. And, if you're anything like the 7thMan, clothing organization is top priority.

United by the love of old English attire and cycling, the Tweed Run which was organized last month in London, attracted quite the turnout. Judging from the images one can mistake the decade, yet there is no denying the love for early 20th century British cycling outfits with matching vintage bikes.

The inaugural Tweed Run took place last year in London. Borrowing the name from the emblematic woolen fabric coming out of Scotland, this enjoyable event pays homage to fashion, cycling and of course the classic English spirit of the early 20th century.400 participants took part in the 12 mile excursion around the city which began at the Rootstein Hopkins Parade Grounds at the Chelsea College of Art & Design. Going the whole nine yards, a tea break was even scheduled at Kensington Gardens where riders got to enjoy some classical tunes from three-piece strong orchestra. Proving all to be a much Success!

Americans fret not, the Tween Run will be coming to Toronto and New York this coming Fall!!

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