Monday, 10 May 2010

Io Sono L’Amore - (I Am Love) - a film by Luca Guadagnino.

‘The film is about a woman, named Emma, aged between 40 and 50, who doesn't generate wealth or culture. Her husband Tancredi, a rich manufacturer from North Italy, picked her for her beauty, just as he would have chosen a piece of artwork. Emma is a piece of property; she had children and she fulfilled her role and now she finds herself at that point in life when the cage, the prison she has been living in, vividly appears before her eyes with all its explicit drama. Emma comes from a cage, Russia, that she left in the pre-Gorbachev era to have access to the free world. And in the free world she locked herself up in another cage, the family, and lies. Change, overcoming the idea of one’s self, as created by society, has been one of my main interests since Orlando. In Io Sono L’Amore, a film that Luca and I worked on for 7 years, these themes are presented, and they are in a way that is even more magnetic.’- Tilda Swinton on her character Emma Recchi,

I AM LOVE does not follow the standard Hollywood plot pattern; rather it reverts to the classier showcase of raw emotion and hyper stylisation often found in the films of yesteryear. The mood it sets lingers on long after it’s heart pounding finale, and with current fashion trend leaning towards traditional and heritage, this film, along with its exquisite make-up and costume design hits the mark flawlessly. With nods to Hermes and Valentino amongst others, fashion plays a role only second to high emotion; by fastidious set design, it also manages to make a grey, largely industrial city like Milan look seductive, menacing, and romantic. Tilda’s other-worldly attraction often lends to ‘ice-queen’ comments from reviewers, but contrary to that, her portrayal of a mother torn apart by family secrets and a newly ignited lust for her son’s best friend allows her to thankfully break that mold. Ice queen? No any more. Fashion icon? Always. Actress? We Are In Love.


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