Tuesday, 11 May 2010

SARTIE - a return to Italian heritage craftsmanship.

According to Sartie founders Matteo de Rosa and Marco Pastori, their brand of luxury leather goods, SARITE, is the new verb for ‘no boasting’. With Sartie, (reminiscent of brands like Bottega Veneta), the boys are confidently hoping that pure quality and craftsmanship will do more for their branding than any logo ever could. Matteo de Rosa and Marco Pastori have aimed to reintroduce a bespoke quality previously only seen pre-mass marketing/branding circus we find ourselves in today.

Using the finest leather, (ethically sourced), and embellishments that beg to be caressed, (think 100% suede lining, patent leather trim details and hand finished brass tokens), the boys have managed to subtly express what fine Italian leather craftsmanship is all about – confidence in design, surprisingly practical, and moreover, very very chic. Standout designs are the Men’s Shopper (SH002) - for the city man on track to take on the world, the Tirade (SFT003) - the one for the man who likes his overnight bag more on the sophisticated side, and finally the Tubolare – a ‘gym-to-weekend’ tote that would have even the most discerning members of Chelsea’s KX Gym drooling with envy. http://www.sartie.it/


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