Thursday, 13 May 2010

Q&A With Fernando Korpi

At 7TH MAN, we're rather partial to a bit of sportswear and have been positively salivating over Christopher Shannon’s A/W 10 look-book. However, Christopher Shannon isn’t the only one flying the flag for high-fashion sports attire this upcoming season as new kid on the block Fernando Korpi proves, if there is one thing this designer knows-it’s how to create one hell of a tracksuit.

Established in Finland in 2009, the label came together with the vision to create a collection of garments that were not only functional and of high quality, but expressed a certain unique individuality. For his A/W 10 collection, Korpi derived his inspiration from the iconic book entitled Gentleman-A Timeless Guide to Fashion which is an inclusive manual of classic and timeless dressing for the modern man in every situation. Consequently Korpi's collection consists not only of whimsical yet structured streetwear in bold splashes of primary colours, but is complimented by signature formal pieces of a rather more dandy disposition. The result is an eclectic ready-to-wear collection perfect for the new season.

How did the Fernanado Korpi label originate?
I'm graduating this spring as a fashion designer and am oriented towards menswear. Originally I became interested in fashion and clothes when I was about twenty when the hype around Cheap Monday was huge. This was a huge inspiration for me. My goal since the beginning of my studies has been creating my own label because it's the best way to get employed in this field - and in this country.

Have you always wanted to be a designer?
No, because before I started studying fashion design I wanted to become a professional soccer player!

Your A/W 10 collection features a number of sportswear pieces  juxtaposed with more formal attire.  Where do you see the position of sportswear in fashion developing in the future?
Sportswear is for everyone, so the commercial value is high. The line between sportswear and more formal wear is blurring: you can combine pieces from different outfits together. For example Jeremy Scott's collection for Adidas has brought sportswear closer to high-end streetwear.    

You cite Gentleman- A Timeless Guide to Fashion by Roetzel Bernhard  as inspiration for your collection.  What  essential  rules  do you think every man should follow when to comes to day-to-day dressing?

Dress to the occasion and feel comfortable in your outfit.

What else inspires you?

At the moment Wild West, Ranches, Cowboys, Rodeos, Hunting, Wildlife, Scandinavian nature, Camping, Sauna, Country life...

Are there any designers that you would like to work with? Does anyone influence/excite you in the fashion world today?
Yes! Jeremy Scott, Henrik Vibskov and Wood Wood label. 

What do we have to look forward to from the label in the future?
My upcoming spring / summer 2011 menswear collection and new online store, which will be opened in August 2010.


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