Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Primary Colours

Primary colours never looked so damn cool before Jean Charles De Castelbajac got involved. His surreal cartoon inspired designs have entertained and enthralled fashionista's for seasons, injecting the seasonal trends with a consistent stream of quirky cool collections.

Selfridges [the home of the British highstreet] are hosting Jean Charles De Castelbajac and all his various material achievements for his JC de Castelbajac, in their highly revered concept store, located past the glistening labrinth of glass cabinets within the wonder room.

You may [or may not] have clocked the five windows dedicated to Castelbajac's futuristic designs?

To coincide with this monumental invasion, the highly esteemed designer has created a range of special edition t-shirts emblazoned with an illustration by the designer which will be sold to raise money for the human rights charity, Humanade, in honour of the late Malcolm McLaren whom the designer was very close to.

For those of you lurking in the shadows, as far as knowledge of Humanade is concerned, it is a charity set up by Joseph Corre [son of McLaren], to address human rights at the front line. Most famously they fund the charity 'REPRIEVE' who investigate 'ghost prisoners' being held by th US in secret prisons located all over the world.

It is a cause which aims to challenge the US led policies of torture and disappearance, for more information visit the website

The launch for this collaboration of fashion and charity was held in Selfridges concept store today. Seventh Man went along to experience the mangagerie first hand and was not disapointed: vodka jelly shots in vibrant primary colours and acrid green, mini cupcakes with mountains of violently died icing and speakers pulsating bone jarring bass lines... It was like stumbling into an exceptionally well designed night club, but you can buy everything.

Make sure you pop along for a peek and do your bit for human rights, limited edition fashion for under £40? The charity is almost just a convenient by-product.

JCDC's invasion lasts until June 30



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