Sunday, 21 March 2010

Raf not Rif

Well would you look here, Raf by Raf has pulled out all the pop stops for the AW10 collection.

The wearable staples such as biker jackets and duffel coats, have been transformed from boringly predictable to quirky and contrasting. Just look at those yellow PVC sleeves and those zips!

This suprisingly on tune collection from the diffusion range - belonging to a designer who certainly has his finger in a number of tasty pies - comes at a time when critics were beginning to think the worst of Simons capabilities.

The collection confirms contrast sleeves as one of the most commercial and accessible trends to come off the AW10 catwalks.

Textures and colours combining as if there were never any rules about them being seen together, whoever thought orange and yellow would work in such an understated way?

So the wang-ish [WRTW] leathers are not for the faint hearted but look at the padded denim bomber, simply sumptious, I'd readily push people out of the way for one of those to keep me warm next winter.

A master class in layering is also taught to us here: and an underlying message of 'anything goes' is simply not to be ignored.

Winter 2010 is sure to be a fun one, although maybe not if the models severe expression is a compulsory accessory to the looks...

ps: look at the gloves and try not to think about how snowflakes are going to be a mini trend for AW10.

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