Friday, 19 March 2010

Gentlemen's Tonic

Channeling a modern dandy has become more and more accessible for the contemporary gentleman, and so, the grooming techniques of the traditional dandy should not be ignored.

London is full of wonderful places to get groomed to an immaculate standard, and to take home some products that will maintain your exquisite glow for as long as you deign to use them.

Gentlemen's Tonic is probably one of the most established and esteemed traditional barbers. It was founded in Mayfair and offers a traditional barbers for the modern man, with the added convenvience of lifestyle and grooming services, perfect to put the cherry on the bakewell of your sartorial aesthetic.

This bespoke establishment also has on offer a delightful product range designed exclusively for you. Babassu and Bergamot was launched by Gentlemen's Tonic in 2008, all products are 100% natural, with specific benefits for you...

Alpine Moss in Daily Foaming Cleanser maintains skin's natural PH balance, whilst using their grape oil infused classic shave cream offers the perfect protective barrier between your skin and your deceptively invasive razor.

The range combines essentials with luxury and bespoke with acessible. All products are unisex, so perhaps you could persuade a loved one to indulge your vicarious needs with the promise, that they too can reap the benefits?!

Despite the devices you use to get these products in your life, it is time to preen and perfect, there is no accessory to a suit, like that of a groomed man.

Gentlemens Tonic is also available for hire: a perfect location to ease the tension of a corporate event.

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