Sunday, 14 March 2010

High Contrast

Contrast sleeves are set to be a big trend for AW10, so lets get started a little early and kill two trends with one delightful jacket.

Stewart and Strauss is an American site famed for it's utterly fabulous letterman jackets, the reason they are so famed, is that you can design it yourself: your choice of colour, your choice of fabric, your choice of lettering, everything is your choice.

With contrast sleeves being an important focal point for many a luxury collection and sportswear [particularly] American sportswear, being the fashion phenomenon that it consistently is: it's worth getting a little creative.

Or if you fancy going for an already existing option, then Stewart and Strauss are still the option for you: they have a gallery of their best sellers for your viewing pleasure, and you can rest assured that no other custom made [or ready made] letterman jacket will be able to beat these on price and quality.

Roll on October, I am ready to get lettered.


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