Friday, 12 March 2010

London in New York - Any Old Iron Opening

New York just got a little more exciting with the opening of Any Old Iron. The first retail store of its kind to hit lower Manhattan will specialize in selling rare and UK-specific menswear. Labels such as Sir Tom Baker's rock & roll suiting, Bolongaro Trevor's mod inspired menswear, and Child of the Jago from the collaborative designers Branzley and Joe Corre (son of Vivienne Westwood) Red Mutha and Electronic Poet, which the majority are exclusive to Any Old Iron. The shop will also sell contemporary labels as Fred Perry, Raf Simons x Fred Perry, Unconditional, London Undercover and S***R shoes.

Any Old Iron is the brainchild of designer/stylist, Andrew Clancey and arts-entrepreneur, Christopher Melton. The shop’s name is rooted in the olden cry of a scrap man collecting metal with his horse and cart, and also hearkens to Clancey’s family scrap metal business which was founded in 1872. “Any Old Iron” is also an Old English music hall song which references a young man’s sartorial dandyism – a quality that is distinctly English and ever-present in the shop’s design and the legion of British designers featured.

In addition to exclusive collections, rare and sought-after antiques will also be for sale.
Fitting perfectly into Lower East Side. (LES)

For more information please visit:
Any Old Iron
149 Orchard Street,
bet Stanton and Rivington Streets
New York

Contributing Editor - NJD

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