Wednesday, 30 September 2009

A Perfect Match

In a time when it seems that every week a collaboration is announced, literally, there has been no other one that makes anymore sense.

Today, Uniqlo retail chains around the world will launch the +J collection. A collaboration that will bring luxurious and modern designs to all the Uniqlo costumers. With Jil Sander’s clean, classical aesthetic and Uniqlo’s ability to produce contemporary clothing, it is hard to believe that any fashion conscious person will not have one item. The collection will consist of the basics. From Outerwear to Accessories, all with pure character, that will sure last you for many seasons.

7th MAN is thrilled to have a smart group of items available for men. We hope there is more to come.

- Online Contributing Editor - NJD


  1. Right on Mr.NJD. My husband absolutely loves these. I would love for you to dress every man in my life.