Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Scott Campbell’s 1st London Exhibition

American tattoo artist Scott Campbell is known for his captivating body art. With colour, strong references, and detailed work, one can see the passion in each creation.

Lazarides Gallery will present his first major European exhibition, and London debut featuring all new works by Scott Campbell. Hearts, guns, skulls and religious illustrations are common in Scott's art. What makes this different is each design is interpreted in a series of 100 dollar bill sculptures. The result is a three-dimensional image that brings the literal references of Americaness.

The exhibition will also include collages that depict the beginning process.

7TH MAN is intrigued by the aesthetic expression of each piece. There is no question that tattoos have become a part of contemporary art culture.

The exhibition will run through the whole month of October.


Online Contributing Editor - NJD

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