Friday, 2 October 2009

Alexander Wang Mens Preview

A tremendous occasion is on the hazy horizon of fashion, promising to add to the already spectacular transformation of menswear.

Alexander Wang - the man who single handedly transformed jersey into a lust worthy fabric for women, and reinvigorated the life of leather in fashion - whilst pioneering a famously androgynous look for females is venturing into the jungle of men’s fashion.

The current designer sweetheart has previewed his menswear collections for spring 2010 in a short video featuring the facial talents of Vincent LaCrocq, the musical genius of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and the cinematography styling of David Armstrong.

The clip can only be described as a heart wrenching flirt with the edgiest end of fashion. Wang has stayed faithful to the sport luxe look which propelled him into so bright a spot light, fluid jerseys are gently hanging from LaCroq’s languid frame contradicted by raw seams and cut up sweatshirts.

The backwards cap and casually loose hanging attire is a readily awaited nostalgic nod back to the nineties, capitalized with the youthful choice of location. All in all a comfortable entrance for Wang who has confirmed the oversized look as an essential trend for the impending spring of 2010.

Click link below for the Video:

Alexander Wang Menswear Preview

- Contributing Blogger: Lucy Swan

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