Thursday, 24 September 2009

b Store "The Graduate"

7th MAN asked the designer duo Matthew Murphy and Kirk Beattie the story behind the new collection.
"It started with Benjamin Braddock, who is the main character of the movie The Graduate. Then we moved it slightly to Americana sportswear, rich kids playing in the Hamptons with million pound pads.”

With checkered and striped button downs, blazers and pants, mostly rolled up a bit, relaxed shorts, and sweaters wrapped around the shoulders. Classical comes to mind with an American feeling, but never losing its British charm.
"Menswear today is going back to the traditional ways, their is no fuss, good pair of pants and jacket." said designer Kirk Beattie.

b Store’s own shoes for Spring 2009.


- Online Contributing Editor: NJD

Images James Pinkie Terry

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