Tuesday, 9 August 2011

G-Star RAW by Marc Newson for A/W'11-12

The idea of luxury streetwear is one that's been offered by many fashion connoisseurs in current seasons each giving their own interpretation of the 'movement'; but if we had to choose one designer that masterfully tackles the streets in both essence and attitude it would be Marc Newson.

The Sydney born designer continues his successful collaboration with G-Star RAW for the 8th year in a row creating a collection for Autmn/Winter 2011/12 that continues to explore the application of industrial design techniques to simplify both construction and line of a garment.

Even though the fashion aesthetic of luxury streetwear deals with big & bold but still extremely basic designs Newson introduced features such as single-piece arms, hidden pockets and minimal seams incorporating them with strong primary colours and sleek cuts that add a playfully tailored edge to the G-Star RAW by Marc Newson collection.

See more images from the collection after the jump!

By Andreas Menelaou Features Assistant


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