Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Diesel Island takes over Field Day Festival

2011 has probably been the best year for festivals and Field Day was no exception. With Performances from the likes of Jamie Woon, James Blake & CocknBullKid amongst others, Victoria Park was a haven for the most creative people in fashion and music this past weekend.

Diesel Island  joined forces with Field Day radio to LIVE stream interviews with all artists throughout the day. The radio station was located within The Diesel Island Oasis a hobo-esque festival inspired are in the hub of Field Day's VIP section.

7thMan was invited to kick-back and relax with the Diesel bunch and our celebrity friends and we have all the madness captured on film!

Have a look at the images after the jump

By Andreas Menelaou Features Assistant

Factory Floor

James from Villagers and Jack Shankly from Domino

Lauren Flax - Creep

Omar Fouleyman and Diesel Radio's Emma Sutton


Veronica Falls - Patrick and James

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