Thursday, 4 August 2011

Wyld Wednesdays at W Hotel with Erol Sabadosh


Popstar Ke$ha, rock offspring Kelly Osbourne, fashion models, channel 4’s ‘Dirty Sexy Things’ cast (BB and Charlotte we love you) and an array of fashionistas, models, editors, fashion enthusiasts and flamboyantly dressed party heavy hitters were the crowd the 7thMan team came across when we attended one of the now legendary Erol Sabadosh parties at the impeccably glam Wyld Bar of the world renowned and notorious W Hotel in London this past week.
The fusion of fashion and music is one that every artist and designer has to incorporate in their trade as the extraordinary power of both art forms has been so multi-faceted that the combination of the two nowadays acts as a gateway to superfluous positive reception and success.
With Dj Natt Weller (yes that is Paul Weller’s son) hitting the decks first we had time to enjoy an intimate chat with creator and DJ (and now 7thMan friend) Erol Sabadosh, getting all the goss for what seems to be probably one of the most exciting, exclusive and if you ask me very well thought of nights in London Town, over a very pink, very frothy drink that the bartender calls ‘The W Explosion’!

Dj Erol Sabadosh

Now do tell me the truth, what really urged you to start putting on parties like the one at W?

For me it's all about establishing a hub for people at the forefront of what's going on creatively in fashion and music to come together and intermix. I love bringing people together, introducing people and also meeting new people in the process. For me a party is made up of the guests who attend, and I always make sure that my crowds are carefully selected. As a DJ and producer myself I also like to place emphasis on good music and real DJs.

Why did you choose the W Hotel and the Wyld Bar to host this amazing night?

It's an internationally renowned venue with a central location in London, making it possible for us to bring together all the creativity from East London and fuse it with West London decadence to create an eclectic mix of wild spectacle and luxury, subculture and pop culture. I started Wyld Wednesdays where the ultimate goal was to cultivate a new collective in the heart of London based around young creatives and established talent.

 How vital is the combination of fashion and music for the Erol Sabadosh nights?

Both are highly creative industries that have the potential to support each other, for instance what PPQ do with their 1-2-3-4 festival and what Ponystep, for which I am currently a resident, have been doing with Kitsuné. You see a lot of collaboration these days between the two and that's something that I've kept in mind in terms of the events that I like to produce and get involved with. For Wyld Wednesdays we've already had support from Dazed Digital and moving forward I'd like to bring in more brands and publications, such as 7th Man. Fashion is a big part of my world, having DJ'd or produced catwalk soundtracks for labels ranging from Vivienne Westwood to Adidas, and I'm always keeping an eye out for new talent to collaborate with. Given the opportunity I'd really like to work with designers like Damir Doma, JW Anderson and Christopher Shannon and I'd be eager to DJ for Alexander Wang, he always has great parties! Dancing on stage alongside himself, Agyness Deyn and M.I.A. at his Spring/Summer '11 after-party was definitely the highlight of that New York fashion week for me!

The lovely Kelly Osbourne

 If you could pick one celebrity or fashion icon to attend one of your now legendary parties, who would it be?

We've already had everyone from Kate Moss to Jarvis Cocker step through the doors of Wyld, I suppose the obvious choice would be Lady Gaga, and she certainly represents a mainstream fusion of music and fashion, but I'd love to have Courtney Love at one of my parties as I think it would definitely make for a wild night. I like the fact that she gets gifted all these stunning dresses from people like Marc Jacobs and then has the balls to just cut them up and make them her own, it's funny to me and I think she knowingly exemplifies the ironies of modern celebrity status. In my opinion celebrity culture has grown too far out of hand, especially with the extreme proliferation of reality television and disposable entertainment, and I think we need to shift our focus back onto real talent and artistic expression. It frustrates me to see celebrities who can't DJ trying to do so, especially if their fame comes from something other than raw talent in the first place. As somebody who's studied music, played instruments from a young age and taken the time to learn as much as I can about what I do, I take pride in my skills but I always strive to improve and challenge myself and to put these skills to good use.

Now we would like you to share a bit of your wisdom and pass on to the 7th Man readers your top3 songs that are undoubtedly the tunes that ‘can bring the house down’?

It depends where I'm playing, if I'm doing a big warehouse or festival gig I'll drop something like Raven by Proxy to really get people going, and at parties I like to mix things up so I'll throw in a track like Ante Up by MOP to get things extra lively. Picking a good end-of-the-night song is a must too, I really love spinning a guaranteed sing-along tune such as Roxanne or Like A Prayer and seeing the crowd cheer. People also seem to be really enjoying my recent remixes which are all available to download for free on my Soundcloud page, the response to them has been quite overwhelming in a short space of time, which makes me very excited about what's coming up!

More images from the brilliant night follows after the jump!

By Andreas Menelaou Features Assistant
Photography by Harris Kyprianou

BB wearing a gold blazer from LCF alumni Mario Alexander Antoniou

Models and fashionistas flood the W Hotel every Wednesday to party the night away

Erol with notorious hair&make-up stylist Hamilton Stanfield, BB and Charlotte

Dj Natt Weller

Wyld Bar

By Andreas Menelaou Features Assistant

Photography by Harris Kyprianou
Fashion Assistant Alexander Philip Aristotelous


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