Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Friends of Fred by Fred Perry

In a move not really anticipated by anyone, Fred Perry creates the unthinkable, multi-brand Fred Perry stores, well sort of!

The main problem with guys when they go shopping is that they tend to buy products and clothes without thinking what is in their closet already or what they could actually wear it with. Fred Perry brand has decided to change this.

'Friends of Fred' is a new collaboration concept, where the team behind the Fred Perry brand took a closer look at the iconic sub-cultures who have worn and loved Fred Perry and decided to invite other brands into their Laurel Wreath collection stores, to offer their customers the full cultural outfit experience.

First up, Sunspel, Levi's and GH Bass and Company are now available in store offering you the chance to recreate the smartly tailored look of the 50's & 60's mod movement with the trends of today. With t-shirts from Sunspell, denim from Levi's and shoes from GH Bass and Company all you need to do is hurry down to the shop and start mixing & matching.

By Andreas Menelaou Features Assistant


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