Monday, 4 April 2011

PRADA: New Digital-Fashion Borders

PRADA obviously sees no frontiers or boundaries when it comes to the internet and that is exactly why we love them!

The Italian fashion house is launching their Made-to-Order service on the website that will provide users and brand enthusiasts with the opportunity to use the service on footwear, customisable eyewear and small leather goods.

Offering an interactive experience for both male and female clientele, everyone will be able to personalise and recreate their own PRADA look. Choosing from a dedicated on-line section that will feature the 'Lettering Project' for leather goods,the Spring Summer 2011 lace-ups that are the 'it' shoes for this season & the Prada Private eyewear, Prada will give you design control.

By expanding its web presence, Prada is reaffirming its ongoing interest in researching the latest and most forward-looking communications strategies. And they are certainly paying off!

The Made-to-Order service will be available on-line end of April!

By Andreas Menelaou Features Assistant


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  3. those shoes are gorgeous
    now if only I could get my bank account to agree with a custom order ...

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