Friday, 21 October 2011

AHILYA luxury scarves

AHILYA, the luxury cashmere scarf brand, collaborate with two artists every season. Most recently, they have joined forces with the French artist Claire Fanjul, to create the “Spring Tondo”. Claire has built her portfolio with an array of engravings and India Ink work; today Le Figaro has cited her as one of “the new names in drawing”.
Manuela Moollan sourced Claire and asked her to create a design for AHILYA which would complement the intricate and complex techniques used to make the scarves. Intrigued by the world of fashion and textile design, the collaboration with AHILYA is a first time experience. 
Entirely hand spun and hand woven in Kashmir and silk screen printed in England, the end result is a design of modern luxury. Using traditions which support the environment, AHILYA won the Ethical Fashion Forum’s Innovation Award in 2010.  All the scarves are hand made using the finest materials and using traditions which support the environment which form its support base. The collections are available in Browns, Wolf & Badger and in selected One & Only Resorts worldwide. 
In store since June 2011, the Spring Tondo is available to buy online at AHILYA Prices start at £250. The collections are available in Browns and in the One & Only Resorts worldwide.

By Courtney Beard Fashion Assistant


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