Friday, 25 February 2011

Go on a pub crawl with Sibling for A/W'11

For their Autumn/Winter 2011 presentation, knitwear extraordinaire team behind Sibling take us by the hand and lead us to what else? A personalised pub crawl?Yes a pub crawl!'Darn the Boozer' is not a real pub crawl, it's an amazingly styled imaginary one!

Deriving inspiration from all their favourite locals from the Golden Heart, through to the Red Lion and finishing off at the George & Dragon,every stop is a different fashion statement !It sounds like one very expensive pub crawl!

There's even a stop at the Gallery on Leonard Street portrayed as the season's collaboration with Pure Evil on the way to Bricklayer's Arms!

Using their expertise in knitting and embroidery, Sibling presented several pieces including a heavyweight knitted coat with belt,buckle pockets and detachable zip scarf,through to the hand knitted Hauberk zip jacket with matching Gorget.

Our favourite one: The sculptural Dragon stitch hoodie-Italian made all-in-one based on army underwear with army detailing and cinch back-short leg!

The brand also introduced a short film on the same day that was shot at the George& Dragon by Willem Jaspert & Stephen Langmanis featuring their 6th Collection!

By Andreas Menelaou Features Assistant

Photographer: Alexander Philip Aristotelous

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