Friday, 25 February 2011

Backstage at MAN show A/W'11

Backstage at probably one of the most anticipated shows of the menswear day , MAN show,which features designers New Power Studio, Felipe Rojas Llanos and Martine Rose.

The MAN show each year showcases the talent of 3 young emerging designers. All supported by the Fashion East and TOPMAN,the MAN show it's a time for them to bring to the table what would all the rage be about in the season to come!

Being backstage with models, designers,hairdressers, interns etc everything moves so fast it's actually unbelievable.Everyone is freaking out,putting on last minute touches,perfecting outfits and making sure the styling of their presentation on the catwalk would be perfect.Trust us,it can get really intense!!

And then there's us snapping away,without a care in the world.We even got the designers of Felipe Rojas Llanos to take a moment and take a picture for 7thMan!

We thought that we were going to be literally escorted out of the building for harassing everyone!!

By Andreas Menelaou Features Assistant

Photographer: Alexander Philip Aristotelous!

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