Friday, 18 February 2011

Diesel Black Gold A/W'11 - "The Heroes of our Past"

Fresh from their unique presentation in Milan,Diesel's Sophia Kokosalaki and her team introduce their Autumn/Winter 2011-12 collection as a gift to those who understand that style has nothing to do with conformity.

The latest offering from the lovechild of couturier Kokosalaki and the denim empire is a collection infused with subtle references from 18th and 19th century that inspired well-crafted tailored yet timeworn pieces.Watching the full show on the runway,for a minute it felt like time stood still.The heritage effect of the purposely created dishevelled feel of the clothes blended perfectly with the synoptic idea of the whole collection that was a synergy of past and present.

The juxtaposition of elements from the past & present was illustrated in such a beautiful,nostalgic yet masculine way that the Diesel Black Gold man could be anyone from a warrior to a poet.Oversized military double breasted coats were softened with shearling, delicate fabrics toughened with leather and of course the necessary dose of neat denim to give the Diesel Black Gold show a contemporary feel that only Diesel can.

The Diesel Black Gold was a breath of fresh air mixed with a scent of vintage that wasn't overbearing or extreme.Even though the colour palette was muted with greys, black and khakis, Kokosalaki used her couture edge and manipulated details in design, proportions and colour with such a way that the clothes were re-modeled to look au courant and haute street modern.

Fellow Greek Sophia Kokosalaki is definitely the new queen of haute denim!

By Andreas Menelaou Features Assistant

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