Sunday, 23 January 2011

The New Generation of Issey Miyake F/W 2011-12

While at Paris Fashion week, we are so busy with shows and parties that we kind of forgot the real purpose we are here,to bring you guys the latest gossip and fashion straight off the runway.

Issey Miyake has been the designer who managed to bridge technological design with fashion but for the past few years, opinions split regarding the appeal & aesthetics of the grand master.Lead by Dai Fujiwara since 2006,the fashion pack have not been as supportive but boy those who didn't attend(editors, you know who you are) have missed a magnificent,to say the least, show!

With the main focus of fashion week this season being young intellectuals, Fujiwara managed to connect his heritage with our world putting out on the runway a collection that when looked in separates can appeal and be worn by anyone.

A very contemporary sartorial approach that included multicoloured large check jackets,mega knits,printed tees and oversized outerwear that had military and vintage utilitarian influences written all over it.Dai Fujiwara designed a collection that was all about possibility and new challenges and even though the Miyake touch was not there in its entirety,we can definitely see the new Issey Miyake,the more fresh,current,who likes to move on in search of a new lease of life.

By Andreas Menelaou Features Assistant


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