Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Katie Eary needs no introduction

We know how everyone is sitting at the edge of their seats waiting for the big show to start,but before we start reviewing the new collections there is one particular designer that we are dying to see what she,yes it's a girl,comes up with this time around.

Katie Eary took the fashion world by storm when she launched her first collection for Fall 2009 and if by now you've never heard of Eary, then we are sure that the last time you purchased a decent men's fashion publication, Victoria Beckham was only pregnant with her 3rd child.

What puts Katie Eary in a completely different league than all the other virtually new menswear designers is her attention to detail, as everything is bespoke and handmade by the designer herself with top-quality unsurpassed materials including wool,brass and leather.

Her adroit manipulation of prints,materials and fabrics blends perfectly with her artistic inventiveness and  exceptionally skillfull design techniques.Having already translated her own dexterity to a limited capsule line for mega e-tailer Asos,brought sportswear company Lonsdale back to fashion light and with four buzz-filled successful collections under her belt, Eary looks set to become even bigger than some people have already predicted.

For her Spring/Summer 2011 collection,advertently titled "Velvet Machine", the designer teamed up with photographer Thomas Lohr and director Dean Mayo Davies to create a story telling lookbook showcasing what could be a magnificently raw but put-together, real British mentality shoot.

By Andreas Menelaou Features Assistant

See more amazing images from the lookbook after the jump


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