Wednesday, 12 January 2011

DIOR HOMME Film by Kris Van Assche

Could this be the short film of the year?

Creative Director of Dior Homme, Kris Van Assche has collaborated with Belgian photographer Willy Vanderperre to create an immaculately unpolished video, featuring his work for the fashion house's Spring/Summer 2011 collection.

The film, titled "The Time I Had Some Time Alone", features model Victor Nylander wearing Dior Homme signature pieces that express the craftmanship and aesthetic that designer Kris Van Assche cultured for the iconic fashion house.Van Assche is known for his rough destructuring of classic cuts and silhouettes and fierce embodiment of couture in comercial, ready-to-wear pieces.

The film marks the first venture of the power fashion brand in digital and new media, indicating that they are moving forward with time and appreciating the effect blogs and on-line media have, on contributing high fashion to the masses.

By Andreas Menelaou Features Assistant

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