Thursday, 2 December 2010

Dressing Realistically For The Cold Weather

D&G A/W 10

Picking the right outfit for work or any other engagement in this peculiar weather can prove to be a difficult and tricky thing for many of us to achieve. You want to look good, feel warm and be in an appropriate outfit that would fit the occasion. But how do you get all of these in one outfit? Well, taking inspiration from the D&G A/W 2010 show, as savvy as it sounds, it’s definitely not a route you want to take unless it leads to a chateau in the Swiss Alps.

7th Man however, has handpicked four looks from the winter shows that should give you an idea of how to fight the cold weather and yet look more dapper than ever.

Burberry Prorsum A/W 10

A shearling jacket can work wonders for you this winter. Gone are the days of unflattering shapeless wool coats. Though do trade up, as investing in a solid leather aviator shearling jacket can get you out of a lot of morning bickering.

Buckler A/W 10

Giving a new lease of life to a wool suit can be quite daunting, but switching up your custom white shirt for a chunky woolen or cashmere polo neck jumper can add flawless retro style to your outfit. Pair it up with knitted gloves and a knit cap in the same or a parallel colour to complete your look.

J.W Anderson A/W 10

Try pairing up a long cashmere cardigan with a denim jacket and finishing off with a different style jacket or military coat on top. Layering can work wonders for us in this extremely cold weather and the stylized hiking boots will definitely worth it when walking around in the snow.

Rag & Bone A/W 10

For more style tips and secrets on how to create the perfect look keep checking in on 7th
Man Digital.

Words By Andreas Menelaou


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